Va       Ne   Affor         lu      w        dab        at             le      io                       n  H Investm      ...
FULL-SERvIcE PROPERTY cONSULTaNcY                                                                                         ...
cONSULTaNcY aNd RESEaRch                                                                                                  ...
LaNd aNd dEvELOPmENT                                                                                                      ...
NEw hOmE SaLES aNd maRkETING                                                                                              ...
aNd wE dO mORE …We use our expertIse In thescottIsh property mArket to offer A completeservIce to clIents, coverIng every ...
ch                                                                                           ar                           ...
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Rettie Intelligent Property Solutions


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An overview of the B2B services Rettie & Co offer clients including, consultancy & research, land & development and new homes sales & marketing.

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Rettie Intelligent Property Solutions

  1. 1. Va Ne Affor lu w dab at le io n H Investm Ho om us s en es tings Sa in g les and Marketing Land & Developm Cons Co ent u rpo ltan rat Re sid cy entia l & Re se arc h IntellIgent property solutIons
  2. 2. FULL-SERvIcE PROPERTY cONSULTaNcY OUR INTELLIGENT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS:A rAnge of servIces thAt cAn mAxImIsethe vAlue of your AssetsRettie & Co are Scotland’s leading independent unlike many of our competitors, rettie & co focus on Land &property specialists. We provide a full range of the scottish market. this means we truly understandservices and advice to developers, builders, our marketplace. We have excellent contacts across Developmentinvestors, landowners and institutions, covering scotland and lasting relationships with many clients.both residential and non-residential property inScotland. Our clients include many of the best Also, unlike many of our competitors, rettie & co are Consultancy New Homesknown names in the Scottish property market. owned by our executive directors. this means our research and advice are wholly impartial. We can & Research Sales & MarketingWe work with clients at every stage of a property respond instantly to the needs of clients, unrestrictedproject, from concept to site assembly, planning, by the need to follow a corporate agenda or the decisionspricing and the marketing and sale of end units. of a faraway head office. We are free to offer clientsWe can guide you throughout the entire process an impartial viewpoint and a transparent relationship.and supply solutions or analysis at specific stages.We work on both sales and acquisitions. the following pages summarise our principal services for corporate clients, and give just a few examples of CLIENTAt every stage, the expertise of our people is backed our recent work. to find out more, visit our website,by sound research systems and detailed market, or get in touch with one of the team.intelligence. It’s also backed by cross departmental Affordable Valuationsteamwork. our consultancy & research, land & HousingDevelopment and new homes teams work seamlesslytogether to provide joined-up, multi-disciplinarysolutions. their expertise informs each other’swork, ensuring better, more informed outcomes. Residential Corporate Investment Letting “We use our expertise in the Scottish property market to offer a complete integrated service to clients, Simon Rettie, FRICS Matthew Benson Managing Director covering every aspect of residential property Director development and investment.”
  3. 3. cONSULTaNcY aNd RESEaRch OUR wORk Rettie & Co provide bespoke Our services Our expertise consultancy and research Client: Forth Ports plc services to clients across We work with a wide range of clients, our consultancy & research team Scotland. Our expertise lies including developers, investors, is highly respected by developers, Project: leith Docks, edinburgh behind some of Scotland’s landowners, banks and funders. investors, banks and public sector biggest property success stories. projects range from one-off bodies. We build lasting relationships Role: rettie & co carried out a full review of the leith Docks masterplan. developments to 15,000+ unit with our clients, who place high value this included demographic and target market analysis and recommendations We specialise in residential masterplans and regeneration projects. on our knowledge of the scottish on revised mix, product type and wider infrastructure considerations. developments, but also work property market and our innovative, with clients on mixed-use and our services and activities include: proactive approach. cross-sector schemes. We can advise at any stage throughout • Advice on all stages and elements We back our individual expertise the whole lifecycle of a project, of residential development, with detailed research systems. from site assembly to sales including property types, mix, As an example, our in-house and marketing. unit sizes and layouts custom-built development tracking Client: Gladedale Capital / HBOS system (pts) has details of over 900 • value-engineering input to developments and tracks over 300 Project: Quartermile, edinburgh existing development proposals current developments on a monthly basis. this combination of current Role: rettie & co were residential advisors and sales agent for the first • Affordable housing solutions and historic information allows us phases of the highly successful 900-unit mixed-use regeneration of the to create a more accurate picture of old royal Infirmary site in central edinburgh. Among the aspects covered • end-unit pricing based on the most development performance, as well as were mix, floorplans and design considerations. up-to-date comparable evidence providing feedback on rate of sales, footfall levels, etc. • Analysis of target market, existing area housing stock, pipeline analysis Affordable housing Client: Henderson Global Investors • Bespoke reporting on a range of projects We have been instrumental in leading the thinking in respect Project: st James centre, edinburgh • Alternative development funding of alternative funding methods in the current low-grant environment. Role: rettie & co are retained as residential advisor to henderson global options including government“Our creative thinking As a result, a number of core Investors for the proposed major mixed-use redevelopment of the st James supported models areas of our analysis have been centre. our role includes providing comment on mix, rate of sale, value and provides our clients with incorporated into the Scottish individual apartment layouts. We advise clients on an average of innovative solutions at around £600 million worth of scottish Government’s pilot National Housing Trust funding model. every stage of a project.” new-build property every six months. We are also running parallel models, providing development funding solutions to our clients. Client: Private Landowner on a wider basis, we advise registered social landlords (rsls), Project: An camas mor, Aviemore housing associations, regeneration companies and local authorities on Role: rettie & co are carrying out strategic planning, project management all aspects of sales and marketing, and residential consultancy, including affordable housing options, for a strategic analysis and research. major 1,000+ unit residential and mixed-use development within the Nick Watson, Associate Director cairngorms national park, which will satisfy much of the Badenoch and 0131 624 9042 strathspey housing requirement.
  4. 4. LaNd aNd dEvELOPmENT OUR wORkOur Land & Development team Our services Deal allocation 2009/2010buys and sells land, development Client: Northern Trustsites and investments. We cover We have a broad client base of 4% Project: Balfour stewart house 10% 5%residential, non-residential and developers, landowners, investment Type: land deal 4%mixed-use development sites funds, banks, administrators, institutions, 20% Role: We are working with northern trust and their architects on aacross Scotland. Our expertise local authorities and private clients. 7% residential scheme for this site. this has included advising on unit typesspans areas such as student our services to them include: and mix, gross Development value, and affordable housing solutions. 2%housing, affordable housing,serviced apartments, hotels • market intelligence What the client thought: “Rettie & Co’s contacts and knowledgeand care homes, as well as of the residential marketplace have proved to be invaluable all theresidential sites. • sale and acquisition way through the development process – from the concept/planning 20% stages through to disposal of the end-product – with an emphasis of development siteson all projects – whether they for residential and 28% on deliverability for best value.”are residential or non-residential, non-residential uses Mike Riding, Director, Northern Trustwith planning or without planning Affordable housing 4%– our land & Development team can • Affordable housing solutions, consultancy/valuations 5%advise on every stage of the project, including off-site provision conversions 20%from early appraisals through to site Developments 28%disposals. this ability is enhanced • residential advice and sales land sales 20%by a seamless relationship with our for mixed-use projects plot sales 2% Client: City of Edinburgh Councilconsultancy & research, residential student housing 7% Project: 7 West coates, edinburghand lettings teams. • negotiation of option/promotional hotels 4% Type: Development site agreements, joint ventures and residential investment 10% Role: sales agent for the sale of a one acre site formally occupied phased deals by capability scotland. What the client thought: “Will and his team have consistently provided • sale of conversions, such as Our expertise sound advice to overcome problems whilst ensuring best value has been commercial townhouses, We have a wealth of experience of obtained for several property sales. We value their excellent knowledge steadings, former care homes the scottish development market. of the residential market and their proactive approach.” and institutional buildings We combine knowledge of the Richard Willson, Estate Surveyor in Corporate Property and Contingency, City of Edinburgh Council • Acquisition and disposal of marketplace with excellent contacts residential investment portfolios across sectors and a comprehensive database of land and development • residual appraisals and site analysis transactions. We seek at all times to be proactive, Client: Places for People creative and innovative in our approach. Project: gylemuir road, edinburgh In difficult market conditions, this Type: residential investment approach and our ability to think Role: sole selling agent advising on the disposal strategy for three blocks of laterally enables clients to overcome 62 residential units. We explored various investment models and sales and problems and maximise value. lease-back options. What the client thought: “We chose Rettie & Co to market the 62 income producing apartments at Gylemuir Road, Edinburgh as we needed an agent with the knowledge, experience, and contacts of Scotland’s residential investment market so as to deliver the best possible capital receipt Will Scarlett, Director “We get results for our Land & Development clients – Rettie & Co competently delivered on all of these.” 0131 624 9041 through a proactive approach, creativity and the Tim Weightman – Major Projects Director, Places for People best market intelligence.”
  5. 5. NEw hOmE SaLES aNd maRkETING OUR wORkRettie & Co’s New Homes team Our sales services Our marketing servicesworks with many of the leading Client: PARChouse builders and developers We have an impressive track record We offer a full marketing consultancy Project: parclife, craigmillarin Scotland. We are currently of acting as sole selling agents for service, from planning a campaign, Type: sole selling agenthelping to market and sell over developments across scotland. to website design and tracking, Role: rettie & co acted as residential consultants and sole selling agent for60 new build developments We can also support your own to the design of brochures, signage, the first three phases of this 3,500 unit masterplan project. the marketingacross Scotland. sales team with specific services. marketing suites and show homes. team also planned and implemented the marketing campaign, overseeing all Alternatively, we can advise marketing materials from the website to the sales centre.We provide a bespoke service for these include: on specific elements only. What the client thought: “The New Homes team have provided aeach development. We design consistently high level of service to PARC over the 4 years we haveand manage the entire sales and • Referral service: our dedicated these could include: worked together. The on-site sales team have continued to achieve salesmarketing process, or we work team of property brokers match throughout a challenging market, and the expert marketing support andon specific aspects using our properties to potential buyers • Web marketing services: advice provided have been key to the success of the sales campaign.”expertise or contacts in a certain from our database of approximately our website receives up to 100,000area to complement your own. 10,000 people actively looking unique visits per month, offering Jim Kelly, Sales and Marketing Manager, PARC to buy. fees are charged only great scope to raise awarenessAll of our sales and marketing when a referral is converted of your development. our webactivities benefit from rettie & co’s to a confirmed sale. marketing service includes listingsmulti-disciplinary expertise. our on rightmove, primelocation and Client: FairMuir (joint venture between Muir Group and Frasers Property)new homes team works closely • On-site sales negotiator teams: s1 homes, providing potential Project: maritime Bondwith our land & Development By providing flexible contract staff, cost savings. Type: marketing assistance and referral serviceand consultancy & research we enable you to match staffing Role: rettie & co complemented fairmuir’s marketing team with our ownteams, and gain from their market levels to sales activity on-site. this • Advertising: We can obtain broker team. the team contacted over 580 people from our database, andknowledge and creative solutions. has provided a cost saving of up to discounts of up to 60% on referred over 300 potential buyers to the development resulting in 35% of 15%, compared to clients employing the cost of press advertising. the total sales achieved to date. We also reduced their online marketingWe provide detailed analysis of all their own permanent staff. costs by 80% and provided discounted media rates.sales and marketing activity andits effectiveness at driving footfall • Office-based staff: We can provide What the client thought: “The Rettie & Co broker team have proven to be anand sales. this enables you to plan dedicated sales negotiators at our effective support to the in-house Muir Homes sales team. Utilising the reach of the Rettie & Co database,and adapt future decision making. offices. there is also the option the broker team have been successful in helping drive additional active buyers to our developments.” of a dedicated 0845 telephone Rosemary Livingstone, Muir Homes number answered by our staff. Client: CALA (East) Ltd Project: pavilion Type: marketing assistance and referral service Role: our highly proactive broker team worked closely with the cAlA sales team and matched over 260 potential buyers to the properties. As a result of rettie & co referrals plus some targeted online marketing, 30% of the development was sold, significantly increasing the sales rate at the development. What the client thought: “We have found the Rettie & Co team to be very focused on achieving sales and to have worked effectively and professionally in partnership with our own team. “Our New Homes team deliver targeted and effective We have been delighted with the increased sales rates achieved at Pavilion as a result of the referral service.” Becky Lindsay, Director 0131 624 4060 marketing campaigns backed up by a highly motivated Sarah Stanger, Sales and Marketing Director , CALA (East) Ltd. sales team.”
  6. 6. aNd wE dO mORE …We use our expertIse In thescottIsh property mArket to offer A completeservIce to clIents, coverIng every Angle ofresIDentIAl property Development AnD Investment. Valuations Corporate letting Residential investmentWe provide formal valuation our lettings team manages We run a complete asset managementservices to many clients, including residential property portfolios for service for both large and smallwell-known banks, private banks and corporate clients large and small. residential investment portfolios.building societies. We also advise ondevelopment and option agreements. our services to them include: We can source and negotiate the purchase and disposal of residentialthe depth and breadth of the current • sourcing property investment opportunities acrossproperty market in scotland means scotland – from city-centre flats,our valuations are recognised by • Advice on market rents to townhouses, to rural property.many of the major clearing banks. • furnishing advice and sourcing With our in-depth knowledgeWe also provide formal valuation of the scottish property market,services for private clients, often in • tenant introduction and excellent data and marketconnection with inheritance tax information, we can give highlyplanning, capital gains tax, divorce • 24/7 management informed estimates about grossor ownership disputes, and we are and net yields. unlike many of ourpractised at liaising with the District We also provide corporate letting competitors we have access tovaluer. We are also called upon to act services to a number of builders. indepth knowledge and data fromas independent experts or witnesses this encompasses elements like our lettings teams in edinburgh,in the courts. advising on rental yields and trends, glasgow and the Borders which liaising with banks and investors, allows us to accurately appraise and carrying out tenant introduction residential investments across and management services. scotland. clients for our corporate letting services include scotmid, royal college of surgeons, Imagine homes, kpmg and eDI group. Contact: Chris Hall Contact: Zoe Kilpatrick Contact: Nav Kalkat Director, Professional Services Business Development, Associate, Land & Development 0131 624 4074 Letting & Management 0131 624 4062 0131 624 9050,
  7. 7. ch ar se Re y& iden tial I es nc R etti te L ulta a ent or rp Cons Land & Developm Co nd Marketing s ing l g Lett Sa inEdinburgh 11 wemyss Place t1 India Street Edinburgh en us esEdinburgh Eh3 6dh tm nves Ho sEh3 6ha Tel: 0131 220 4160 omTel: 0131 220 4160 Fax: 0131 220 4159 nFax: 0131 220 4159 ble io a at HGlasgow 115 Byres Road fford147 Bath StreetGlasgow Glasgow G11 5hw A Valu ewG2 4SQ Tel: 0141 341 6000Tel: 0141 248 4160 Fax: 0141 341 6001 NFax: 0141 248 2319Melrose1 abbey StreetmelroseTd6 9PXTel: 01896 824 070Fax: 01896 824 079London87 St James’s StreetLondonSw1Y 1PLTel: 020 7839 0888Fax: 020 7839 0444