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Published in: Lifestyle, News & Politics
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  1. 1. American Tundra Shepherd The American Tundra Shepherd Dog was originally developed for U.S military use but its not so aggressive nature Deemed the project was failure but the breed was continued to be produced.
  2. 2. Beagle The Beagle is sturdy’s,hardy little hound that looks like a minature Foxhound.The body id squarely-built while the skull is fairly long and straitly domed
  3. 3. Chihuahua The Chihuahua is a tiny toy sized dog.The body is bigger than its tail.
  4. 4. Dalmatian The Dalmatian is a large ,strong,muscular dog The skull is about as wide as it is long and fluton the top.
  5. 5. English Bulldog The English Bulldog is a wide, mediumsized, compact dog with short legs.
  6. 6. Flat Coated Retriever The Flat Coated Retriever is a beautiful medium to large sized dog.The head is a long with a fairly flat skull.
  7. 7. German Shepherd The German Shepherd Dog is well proportioned and very strong.
  8. 8. Husky The Husky are sled dogs and they are strong and muscular dogs.
  9. 9. Irish Wolfhound The Irish Wolfhound is a giant-sized dog, one of the tallest dogs in the world.
  10. 10. Jug The Jug is not a purebred dog. It is across between a Jake Russel Terrier and the Pug.
  11. 11. Kai Dog The Kai Dog is a relatively, healthy, athletic, and sturdy breed.
  12. 12. Labrador Shepherd There are two types of Labradors, the English Labrador and the American Labrador.
  13. 13. Multi Pug The Multi-Pug is not a purebred dog it is across between the Pug and the Maltese.
  14. 14. Nortese The Nortese is not a purebred it is across between a Norwich Terrier and the Maltese.
  15. 15. Otto Bullldog
  16. 16. Poodle
  17. 17. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle
  18. 18. Rat Terrier
  19. 19. Saint Bernard
  20. 20. Toy Poodle I will be writing about my dog because I have a toy poodle. Ok my dog is so cute and I would love to bring him to show the class but I would have to talk to the principal anyway my dog is so cute and his fur is the same color as this dog and he always plays with my step dad and he loves him the most then its my mom second and he is the best dog I ever had and I love him so much.