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Online assignmen131


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Online assignmen131

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The invention and evolution of the computers as the developed micro electronic devices has almost revolutionalized the field and aspects of information technology.It has made the task of information collection storage, retrieval and transformation quite easy and effective. Infact computers now a days represent the latest fine tool in the hands of the users to make use of all the available fruits of information technology like different types of network, internet and website for the exchange and use of all types of information needed by the learner as a part of his self-learning or class room instruction.Owing to the application of technology , our standard of living has increased. Our needs are met with greater ease. Now a days learning is easy through websites , educational cd’s , learning modules. 1. WEBSITE A website is a term that describes a collection of web pages, media files and other digital assets that are all combined in the URL. It’s usually a single web server that hosts a website and can be accessed via the Internet. In the present days, most businesses, educational establishment and just ordinary people create a website to showcase and manage their activities over the web. The enormous popularity of the internet as a social networking, business and education tool paved its way for the rise of web pages that make it possible to strengthen their brand and professional positions in the industry. It is a collection of web pages, media files and other digital assets that are all combined in the URL. It’s usually a single web server that hosts a website and can be accessed via the Internet. In the present days, most businesses, educational establishment and just ordinary people create a website to showcase and manage their activities over the web. Now-a-days the need for education institution to have a reliable, effective and attractive web presence is increasing as online technology is becoming an important part of the educational process.The higher education institutions play a vital role in the development of a society while higher education websites have a lot of roles to fill. They need to provide information for prospective
  3. 3. students, current students,parents of students , faculty and alumini. They often need to include reams of information in a way that makes everything easy to explore and it’s a great challenge. Importance of a website An effective website help with attracting new students as well as for serving the needs of current students.Higher education institutes needs to make a website to globally in print the opportunities provided by their institute so it can be accessed world widely. Higher education institutions and programs can elect to go through a peer reviews process that is coordinated by private and state accredits organizations. These organizations are made up of higher education professionals who evaluate quality based on the organization's established standards.Higher education web sites provide all the information about the courses that could boost a student's career prospects and earning potential, while giving them the chance to immerse themselves in a subject that really of their interests. In this technology era, the passion of internet is boosting among the students. For any search they usually like to use the Google to collect the information. Similarly in the case of education, it is often helpful to use education websites as a means of collecting the relevant information about the concerned subject. Well, it has become very necessary for any new business to promote over the web. The concept of education websites is still new in India but owing to its growing need, it is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Students have become more conscious about their career so that picking right course is necessary as it is the merely way that ensures their good professional life. In this regard, they visit education websites and openly discuss their areas of interest and seek all significant info. Students also visit these education websites to get the information about the various college or institute; they want to take admission in like medical colleges in India. These education websites are especially best for those students who live in the remote areas and don't able to reach the colleges. They can add their request by mailing these education websites and fetch the instant responses. It is always
  4. 4. advisable to visit education websites as this can help you make sensible decision concerning your career. 2. EDUCATIONAL CD’S The extent to which e-learning assists o replaces other learning and teaching approaches is variable. Now a days CD’s play an important role in the educational field. Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) refers to a technology in which a range of data types, such as text, graphics, audio, photographs, and video can all be stored in digital form and accessed by conventional Personal Computers.In the past, learning and simply meant face to face lectures, reading books or printed handouts, taking notes and completing assignments generally in the form of answering questions or writing essays. In short, education ,learning and teaching were considered impossible without a teacher, books and chalkboards. Today education and training have taken on a whole new meaning. Computers are an essential part of every classroom and teachers are using DVDs CD-ROMs and videos to show students how things work and operate. Student can interact with the subject matters through the use of suchweb based tools and CD-ROMs. Moreover , each student can progress at his/her own pace. IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL CD’S Students can become active participants as opposed to passive ones where they simply receive instructions or information.Trust is anotherfactor that enhances the learning ability of students. Teachers can establish credibility in what they are teaching.Web based tools can be used for providing demonstrations and examples that can help students credence in what they are learning.The role of educational cd’s in the field of education is four fold :it is included as a part of curriculum, as an instructional delivery systems,as a means of aiding instructions and also as a tool to enhance the entire learning process. Education has gone from passive and reactive to interactive and aggressive. It is geared towards creating curiosity in the minds of students. It helps students to understand and retain concepts better.CD allows distant learning which literally
  5. 5. means that it deliver a ‘classroom’ in the homes. Teacher can establish credibility in what they are teaching. Web based tools like cd can be used for providing demonstrations and examples that can help students establish credence in what they are learning.It provide distance learners with online communities, live chat rooms and bulletin boards.It allows students to collaborate and communicate even though they are isolated in their own space.CD-ROM based training have helped eliminate the need for an instructor based lesson plans. Students can grasp concepts faster ,proceed and move along , without being held back by ones who need more time and help for learning.Such individual pacing is beneficial to all.It allows students to put into practice information quickly and with better results. Students can save time and increase their productivity. Educational cd’s can include demos ,feedbacks that can help the students to reflect on what they have learned.In all these ways educational cd’s plays a major role in a student’s life. 3. LEARNING MODULES Learning Module is a tool that provides course materials in a logical, sequential, order, guiding students through the content and assessments in the order specified by the instructor. Instructors can insert formatted text, files, weblinks, Discussion Topics, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and soon, Assessments. Content can be structured in such a way as to require students to complete content before they are allowed to proceed to the next content. It is also possible for instructors to set up a place for students to add content to the Learning Module.Learning modules are made by educators. Learning Modules are used to package and present content and allow instructors to organize related course materials in a Table of Contents. All types of content, such as items, Assignments, and Tests can be included in a Learning Module. Learning Modules are edited like any other item in a Content Area. Content within a Learning Module is added and managed just like content in a folder or Content Area. The Learning Module is a shell to which other types of content, such as files, are added..
  6. 6. Instructors can add folders and subfolders to a Learning Module to impose a hierarchical structure over the content. This hierarchy is an outline view that appears in the Table of ContentsDepending on how an instructor sets up a Learning Module, students can view content in one of two ways:  Sequentially: material is viewed in a specific order.  Non-sequentially: material is viewed in any order. Learning Modules can be viewed sequentially or non-sequentially. If sequential viewing is enforced, Students view the Learning Module in the order listed. Students cannot advance to a page within the unit without having viewed the previous page. If sequential viewing is not enforced, items in the Learning Module can be viewed in any order. Sequential viewing is set in the options for the Learning Module and can be changed at any time. A Learning Module is a logically structured collection of course content. Conceptually, it is similar to a chapter in a textbook. A Learning Module may consist of several sections and activities. Faculty members can add folders and sub-folders to a Learning Module and impose a hierarchical structure over the content. The Table of Contents displays the hierarchy in an outline view and enables students to easily comprehend the scope and structure of a lesson. IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING MODULE It’s a packet of teaching materials consisting of behavioral objectives , a sequence of learning activities , and provisions for evaluation. 1) The objective are written in behavioral terms are specific. 2) Sequence of learning acivities is designed to : a) Provide instant feedback to the learner on his achievement. b) Proceed from lower to higher cognitive levels. c) Contain materials with intrinsic interest for the learner. d) Provide optional and recycling paths to achieve the objective. e) Be self continuative to the conclusion of the module. f) Equip the learner to achieve the stated behavioral objective. 3) The evaluation procedure focuses on the stated behavioral objective. It enables the instructor to determinewhether the learner has achieved the objective.
  7. 7. Purpose of learning module 1) To individualize (or to permit use of teams of learners in) instruction. 2) Less stress on verbalized instruction 3) To provide a conceptual model for learning that minimize the need for conventional , verbalized , instructional techniques. 4) To enable (or require) teachers to analyze the learning process. 5) To improve instruction through improved evaluation, resulting from the formulation and measurement of learning outcomes expressed in measurable terms. 6) To maximize the effective use of instructional media and group exercises. 7) To permit learning to occur outside the presence of the teacher. 8) Increased skills of teacher in analyzing the learner process. Modules help to individualize instruction by a) Providing mediated (teacher free ) activities for one or more learners simultaneously. b) Permitting students to work at their own rate of learning . c) Providing immediate feedback to the learner and educator. d) Using intrinsic interest materials (relevant materials) e) Enhancing learners chance of successful achievement. The ideal instructional model ( using modules ) would make each ‘course’ or program of study a collection of concepts to be internalized through ‘performance’ or ‘competency-based’ activities by learners.Responsibility for achievement of preset goals is placed on the learner .The instructor in such a system coordinates, evaluates,help in logistic requirements, counsels , and guides . Such activities are assumed to enhance the professional status of the teaching role.
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Technology, as we have discussed above helps us to have any type of desired information at our command.With less time and less efforts we can do wonder in creating, gathering , processing, storing, presenting and disseminating information in our desired way with the help of the newly developed sophisticated tools of information technology.