Look at Polluting the environment : A new Method for anyearthThe hydroelectric power station in the northern part of India...
earth from where sunlight gets reflected.
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Look at Polluting the environment : A new Method for any earth


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Look at Polluting the environment : A new Method for any earth

  1. 1. Look at Polluting the environment : A new Method for anyearthThe hydroelectric power station in the northern part of India near a river was a center point ofdebate among the many hukum lingkungan issues facing India certain years ago. InIndonesia environment called by lingkungan. Many environmental activists were adamant onpreventing the building of the dam. The reason was that the building of the dam can createpollution in the nearby areas including vegetation, wild life, flora and fauna. The strugglebetween the activists and the government continued for several years was a mainenvironmental issue in the leading newspapers of the country.The above cited incident is one of the many cases of lingkungan degradation caused byhuman beings. There are many issues which needs immediate concern like the globalwarming, endangered species, Ozone layer depletion, water pollution, air pollution and theland pollution. Various efforts like formation of organizations at global and country level arethere to resolve and prevent many serious environmental issues facing the world today.There are Environmental activist groups around the world in different countries to face theissues.The degradation was not so pronounced before the nineteenth century. However withinvention of steam engine and rapid industrialization in nineteenth century and early part oftwentieth century there arose many pollution problems. Concentration of carbon dioxide andmany other poisonous gases has increased ever since the mass hysteria of industrialization.The growth of these gases and effluents has been steadily increasing and thereby theirconcentrations has reached alarming levels today. Invention of various heat engines invehicles, industries contributed much to the pollution problem the world is facing today.The environment is in a state of imbalance today in the twenty-first century. On the one handthere is temperature increase and on the other there has been temperature decrease due toenvironmental imbalance. The air pollution caused by industries, transport systems,deforestation has increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The plantsincluding trees falls down worldwide massively to meet the needs of industries. This hasresulted in the phenomenon called deforestation that is the rapid removal of forest includingflora and fauna from the earths face. The reduction in number of trees and vegetation meansthat there is less absorption of carbon dioxide emitted by humans and other living species.This cumulative effect of deforestation and industrial pollution is raising the amount of carbondioxide in the atmosphere.The increased amount of this harmful gas has resulted in what the environmentalists call asthe greenhouse effect. In greenhouse effect the basic process is that the earths atmospherewith carbon dioxide allows the ultraviolet rays to pass through but not the infra-red radiationspresent in the sun rays. The more concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere themore infra-red radiation (heating properties) trapped by earths atmosphere therebyincreasing the earths temperature. So, increasing concentration of carbon dioxide hasresulted in the increase of temperature thereby causing the global warming.The deforestation has caused the reverse effect on temperature that is decrease intemperature of earth. Due to rapid clearing of forests there is now more area available on
  2. 2. earth from where sunlight gets reflected.