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MIU Conference 2005 Planning Workshops in Beer-Sheva


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MIU - Movement for Israeli Urbanism
Planning Workshops as part of the Conference in Beer-Sheva 2005
מרחב - התנועה לעירוניות מתחדשת בישראל
כנס באר-שבע

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MIU Conference 2005 Planning Workshops in Beer-Sheva

  1. 1. MIU Beer-Sheva Movement for Israeli Urbanism MIU Conference and Planning Workshops Beer-Sheva 12-13 December 2005
  2. 2. The first conference of Merhav – the Movement for Israeli Urbanism (MIU), "Urban Renaissance in Israel“ was held in Beer-Sheva and included Planning Workshops with public participation
  3. 3. The first day included 40 presentations in 14 information packed sessions that covered many of the key issues facing urbanism in Israel. See -
  4. 4. The most important event was the planning workshop - Charrette, which took place on the second day of the conference.
  5. 5. Residents, architects, planners and the guests from overseas participated.
  6. 6. Guests from the CNU (Congress for New Urbanism) and CEU (Council for European Urbanism) provided the workshops an important international perspective.
  7. 7. These planning workshops culminated an effort that spanned the months prior to the conference.
  8. 8. Local residents and planners from all over the country exercised participatory planning and by doing so, learned about the promise and challenges of such a process, which is relatively new to Israel.
  9. 9. Three projects in the older and more neglected neighborhoods of the city center were chosen.
  10. 10. During this final day of the conference, the vision, objectives, planning options, time table and actions needed to make progress with these three projects were detailed.
  11. 11. Sponsors of the Conference
  12. 12. MIU Beer-Sheva Movement for Israeli Urbanism Thank You