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Building Websites is Cool


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Tips for students from Papamoa College about building websites

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Building Websites is Cool

  1. 1. Sheldon
  2. 2. I’m interested in...• Learning, Being Inspired, Exploring the web  Business Books + TED videos + Kahn Academy + Googling• Creating  Unique Content + Online communities• Tauranga + The Mount  I love where I live Sheldon Nesdale ::
  3. 3. I’m interested in...• Technology  How it connects us & improves our lives  iPad + Robots + Games + Facebook• Being Entertained  Videos: Comedy + Movie Cartoons + Sci-Fi + TED• Making Money  Small Business + Micro-Business, Start-Up Businesses Sheldon Nesdale ::
  4. 4. I get paid to...1. Read2. Ask Questions3. Listen4. Write (email + content + articles)5. Talk about ideas6. Create Sheldon Nesdale ::
  5. 5. Why I Love Building Websites1. Websites are cheap  $84.73/year (or free)2. Websites are public  no barriers between you and the world3. Websites attract an audience for free  thanks to Google4. Websites are valuable  so people will pay you to build them Sheldon Nesdale ::
  6. 6. My Web Work• 20 client websites  Scuba Diving, Management Course, Airport Shuttle, Winery, Fences & Gates, Charity• 17 of my own websites (66% of my income)     Sheldon Nesdale ::
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  11. 11. Want to start your own website?• Find a topic you are passionate about  This gives you energy to keep going  Eg an author, a type of movie, a hobbie, a sport• Provide content that is valuable & interesting to certain people (not everybody)  Eg reading order list, ranking list of movies & indepth character details, how-to videos• Have an attitude. Take a stand.• Once you have an audience, making money is easy Sheldon Nesdale ::
  12. 12. Building a website for a client? 5 questions to ask:1. What are your overall goals for your business?  Growth? More revenue? More profit? Highly quality? Higher prices? To be the leader?2. What are your personal goals?  Work less? Make more money? Both? Be famous for something? Sell the business & retire?  This tells you what motivates them3. How will a website help with your goals?  Let them tell you why they want one  This tells you what they expect from you Sheldon Nesdale ::
  13. 13. Building a website for a client? Questions to ask:4. What action do you want customers to take?  Call your phone number? Fill in an email enquiry form? Buy something? Walk into your shop?  This tells you how to measure success5. Why would a customer buy from you anyway?  What makes you unique / different / special?  This tells you what the content should be Sheldon Nesdale ::
  14. 14. When building a website, who’s perspective is most important?1. Your client?2. You?3. The clients customers? Sheldon Nesdale ::
  15. 15. Most important perspective: Your clients end-customer• Without them, the pyramid falls over• The more you know about the end customers the better the website will be Sheldon Nesdale ::
  16. 16. What questions are customers askingthemselves when they visit a website?1. “Have you got what I want?”2. “Can I trust you?”3. “How much will it cost me?” Sheldon Nesdale ::
  17. 17. “Have you got what I want?” Sheldon Nesdale ::
  18. 18. “Have you got what I want?” Sheldon Nesdale ::
  19. 19. “Can I trust you?” Sheldon Nesdale ::
  20. 20. What builds trust?1. Testimonials2. Guarantees3. Details that prove expertise  Eg “How we do things...” Sheldon Nesdale ::
  21. 21. “How much will it cost?”• Dont’ waste my time! Sheldon Nesdale ::
  22. 22. Guidelines for building a website1. Keep the end customer in mind2. Before you add extra “stuff” ask if it might get in the way of results3. Be predictable  So new visitors don’t get a headache learning how to get what they want  3 column layout  Black text on white background  Blue underlined text for hyperlinks  Use headlines, subheads, bullets, images, links, video Sheldon Nesdale ::
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  25. 25. Resources• Domain Names:  $25/year• Web Hosting:  $60/year• Website Building: • These Slides: Sheldon Nesdale ::