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Question 7


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Question 7

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  2. 2. Above is the link in which you can watch our preliminary task. As you can see it is rather simply edited and don’t look very professional, the quality was something that made the exercise look less professional as we had troubles when exporting it as it would export at a better quality even when we tried. We also broke the rule of never filming into a light source which made the filming look very unprofessional however this was not just due to editing but also due to the filming. Here is the editing of the preliminary task it is red due to the fact we edited on Mac’s and they only let you access the footage on the original computer which was edited on and unfortunately I couldn’t get to that computer however it still shows how we edited the footage. As explained above you can see how it is very simply edited together with no major transitions.
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  5. 5. YIVUZU Here is our completed thriller the link below takes you to watch it. As you can see the quality is much better due to learning how to export it onto YouTube at a higher quality and the editing is much more professional we have also kept lighting into consideration which can be seen, so that we didn’t break any crucial rules. Here is the thriller editing and as you can see comparing it to the picture shown previously of the preliminary task editing it is much more complicated and filled with added sound for better effects and music and more transitions we also added titles and a ident to make it more realistic and professional.
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