•Use of font : The font in                                              the magazine is modern                            ...
Use Of Colour : The                                              colour use the mag uses                                  ...
•As it is a special                                                 issue, introducing the                                ...
Overall all the features on the front                                         cover is kept minimal and there is a        ...
Semiotic destruction of music magazine covers
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Semiotic destruction of music magazine covers


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Semiotic destruction of music magazine covers

  1. 1. •Use of font : The font in the magazine is modern and portrays the genre of music very well, this creates that crazy, wacky and party style theme. The use of bold and capital letters are used to give this effect as this helps it stand out so people can spot the writing easier and stays with the theme. It also relates to its readers as there mainly Ravers they tend over the top and very in your face.•Target Audience : The target •Use Of Language : This magazineaudience is between 16 - 30 as this language is informal. As it usesis the prime years for going to slang, statements and Artists -nightclubs and gigs etc. Songs etc. Also by it being informalAdditionally these ages are more as it is shown more rebellious andlike teenage/young adult party wacky staying with the theme andscene ages of going Ibiza or Crazy the Rave/Party scene of justParty Holidays etc. going mad and not caring.
  2. 2. Use Of Colour : The colour use the mag uses colours to create a contrasted effect by using extremely light colours against bright intense colours, in the case light blue against bright red. Colours like Yellow ‘Blue Red ‘White Black etc all of them against the opposite colour. The overall colour scheme creates the effect of the magazine being a 3d holographic image or looks like laser lights relating to the electric dance genre.The image is a mid/long angle shot of a DJ/artist, Nina Kraviz. This isa pose shot in a studio. They have chose a DJ as she is a well knownartist/DJ mainly in Europe and is up and coming in the electric genreindustry . The angle itself is very fun and portrays almost the musicitself or as if she is dancing, this could also be viewed as she is aninspiration to the audience. She stands in a confident position showingthat she is ready to takeover.
  3. 3. •As it is a special issue, introducing the new NME, 2 of 10 special edition covers. The main image isn’t a usual NME photo shoot in previous issues. •The font is also in a serif font which keeps the magazine youthful as it looks more laid back and carefree, which the readers will be looking for as a magazine is for entertainment purposes.•Unlike any conventional cover the masthead is placed in the top leftcover of the cover, which is known be NME’s trademark. As the name hasbeen abbreviated as it is only three letters, if it was placed in the middlethe space around it would look too bare. So by placing it in a corner it stillstands out, yet has that sense of belonging. However for this edition theyhave opted out the traditional red logo colour and changed it for white,this is because it would have clashed with the artist, in this case FlorenceWelch (Florence and the machine). This creates the effect of Florencealmost becoming NME itself and the logo and cover lines are just theframe for a great image of NME .
  4. 4. Overall all the features on the front cover is kept minimal and there is a sense of order and structure. The colour scheme is mainly white with the occasional splash of black, The black brings a very classic yet bold look to the magazine and as it is a special issue, all the image visually interesting as no other use of red is needed and creating a pure yet edgy cover Layout: The layout of the cover is also successful as from the masthead your eye line follows along to the right and down to the middle where the cover lines are, creating a continuous focal point.Colour scheme: The colour scheme on this issue of NME is white andred. This scheme is kept consistent throughout the front cover, resulting ina professional look. The model’s clothing and style also compliment thiscolour scheme as Florences hair is the only aspect that is red on thecover this brings out the white. The image is a close up this eliminatesany white space in the image, also allowing the audience to know that thearticle / main feature is up close and personal with one of the best artistsin Britain. Also, black and white are classic colours which often go withany colour, so the black, white and red combination work very well on thefront cover.