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School magazines2

  1. 1. Stoke Newington school and sixth formThis magazine is a lot more mainstream as the other two. Ithink this is due to the reason that the magazine is for boththe school and the sixth form so its very basic ensuringstudents of all ages can understand it.
  2. 2. King Edward sixth formThis magazine is very student friendly. It’s based onthe lives of students and what they have been up to.The magazine acts as a guide for them to use.
  3. 3. Blackpool sixth formThis magazine has a very urban feel to it, perhaps because it trys to appeal to the generation of thesixth form personalising it specifically. Again the magazine acts as a guide for the students butcompared to the “king eds mag” this magazine is more entertaining, due to the contents
  4. 4. Contents include:Contents include: • Commendations• Entertainment Contents include: • Principals perspective • Student union• A-levels • News –school • fundraising• Ema rant activities/events • Sports• Survival guide • Riots – in their • Summer school• Power of blogging eyes • Music • Trips• Student council • In the spotlight • English events• Beauty on a budget • Authors tale • Dance• Street style • Diary – important • Spanish exchange• Books/movies • Biology dates • Poetry• Sports • Letter from head • Theatre• Creative corner teacher • Debating• English at uni • New term, new look • Preparing for university
  5. 5. King Edward sixth form The magazine uses a specific The magazine isn’t worried about covering the face of logo in every issue which the student , this is probably because the magazine is This magazine is very makes it personal as well as popular so they know this wont damage the front student friendly as the professional. cover, popularity or readership. picture portrays the happiness and lives of The magazine uses two the students main colours: white andThe front cover includes yellow. This portrays thefeatures such as: active lifestyle of the• Sports students as well as the• Theatre magazine.• Trips The colours work well withThis creates an active the image as it creates thefront cover. This most idea of having fun outdoorslikely portrays the sixth and of enjoying being aform as a whole as the student which is importantmagazine has picked out to keep the youthfulthe key atmosphere of thearticles, personalising it magazine.for the studentsspecifically. The magazine uses “life after king eds” students/models from highlighted in red is an different ethnicities which important feature it is important as it shows reassures students individuality and how who are leaving or accepting the school is of have left it make the different cultures. magazine more personal as it shows that they are not The use of font play forgotten and that makes the magazine look there best interests at visually appealing to the kept high. reader
  6. 6. King Edward sixth form The letter from the editor makes the magazine moreThe contents page is again personal as it reaches out tovery active. It uses two the students especially asshades of green which the editor is of a highermakes the page interesting authority than the studentsand funky. Making sure it they will take his words andconnects with its audience what he recommends and likes about the magazineThe shades of green are and read it.used as Its associated withthe new growth ofspring, prosperity, and The contents usesclean, fresh air which modern technologyrelates to the audience as as it include two scantheir back at school and it’s images to be scanneda new term and new by students phonesbeginning. which will link themThe magazine contains to websites to thearticles and topics on: school and other• Commendations useful sites• Student union• fundraising• Sports From the contents we can tell• Summer school that the school is an active• Music and dance school both mentally and• Trips physically. The magazine knows• Poetry that people will be interested in• Theatre these topics so it doesn’t worry• New term, new look about including other articles• Preparing for or topics. university