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Senior Project Photo Album 2011-2012


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Senior Project Photo Album 2011-2012

  1. 1. PicturesShelby Fleming
  2. 2. Mr. Peacock, my project facilitator, and I
  3. 3. Signing people up for the blood drive
  4. 4. Posters we hung up to get people to sign up.
  5. 5. Writing tickets for the blood drive.
  6. 6. Organizing permission forms and tickets into time slots.
  7. 7. Reading the cantina book.
  8. 8. 6:30 A.M. November 29th,2011 Setting up for the blood drive.
  9. 9. Almost done setting up.
  10. 10. A life south coordinator who was there on the day of the blood drive.
  11. 11. First blood donor of the day!
  12. 12. Just helping out with the people who did not feel so well after givingblood.
  13. 13. They were such a big help the whole day, I never could have done itwithout all of the Healthcare Science classes help.
  14. 14. The last donor of the day.
  15. 15. Almost all cleaned up and ready for basketball practice.