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Revised Bts Nwsltr Pdf (Blue Back)

  1. 1. Hermitage High . Stahl’s Classroom Newsletter.quot;, School Richmond, VA Aug u st 24, 2009 Vol u me 1, Issue 1 Ms. Carbaugh’s U.S. & Va. History Class Newsletter Welcome Back Juniors! You are now UPPER Classmen & UPPER Class-Women! Congratulations! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know each one of you, and I’m looking forward to a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE school year!! A Little About the Teacher A Message toStudents and Parents: As you can see from my picture above, I am a dog lover!! These two little ones I rescued…the one on the left answers to I will be posting a monthly Newsletter Maxwell and the little lady on the right similar to this one keeping everyone up-to- by Mischa. I am a “Career-Changer” date on the goings on of our classes. Also, who survived twelve years in the world I will be taking the opportunity to recognize of Corporate America. I am now able to students for achievements and pursue my dream of being an Educator accomplishments they have made during and can turn my passion for History into the previous month. more than a hobby. Also, I am a mother of two boys and two girls, three of which Upcoming Events: are now in college. So, I have been in your shoes very recently as a parent. Please feel free to contact me with any Classroom Open House questions or concerns at Wednesday Sept. 16th, 4-7pm The best time to reach me is from 10:15-11:30 am (Please email me as soon as possible to set Mon. through Friday. up an appointment!!!!) Once again, welcome to 11th grade! Let’s Principal’s Coffee work together to make this the best year Monday Oct. 5th, 9 am ever! (To be held in the school library)
  2. 2. The YearAt A Glance Class Participation/ Interaction = 10% Participation in class discussions and activities is a very important aspect of the final grade. Interaction with the instructor and other students Grading Scale will act as an assessment of understanding of the material and demonstrates the level of A = 93% - 100% achievement over the course of the semester and academic school year. B = 85% - 92% Quizzes = 20% Quizzes will be given at the end of C = 77% - 84% each chapter and/or at mid-unit. A majority of these will be announced in advance, however occasionally a D = 69% - 76% “pop” quiz may be administered and most likely will be in the form of an essay. This allows practice of writing F = Below 69% skills and the use of higher level thinking skills required for Standards of Learning Assessment. Unit Tests = 40% At the end of each unit a test will be administered. These assessments Reminder to Parents: will be designed using both multiple choice questions, as well as, discussion to be answered in essay form. Students and parents will Your child will need the following know well in advance the dates of each test and we will devote class supplies this year: time to preparation and 1. Flashdrive (Memory Stick) development of effective study skills. 2. 3-ring notebook Homework = 10% 3. Black & White Journal Homework will NOT be assigned daily. Assignments are due the 4. Yellow Highlighters following class meeting, unless 5. Loose Leaf Paper otherwise instructed. Ten percent will be deducted each day 6. Black & Blue Pens homework is not received unless due to an excused absence. 7. #2 Pencils Short Papers/ Projects = 20% Students will be responsible for two projects each semester. Both will involve writing a 3-5 page paper upon completion of the project. Fall Semester: Project #1 - will involve watching and/or reading two historical films or books and writing an essay comparing and contrasting both works. Project #2 - will be a group assignment. Students will work together to create a video depicting a historical event covered earlier in the semester and present that information to the class. “Teach to Learn”