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  1. research mila allerton
  2. audience research
  3. audience/ primary research I started off by creating a survey to see what types of smells people liked in perfumes, what brands they enjoy, whether the bottle design is important, how much they spend now and how much they would spend on a high-quality perfume and how frequently they wear perfume. I left it for 5 days after sharing it with people to collect a few results that will help me get a mixture of opinions. After I finished my survey, I asked a few friends personally about them and perfume just to gather some more precise information. perfume survey
  4. survey results
  5. survey results
  6. survey results On my survey I got a good mix of results, it allowed me to see what is most popular and what people don’t like as much. 55.6 percent of responses were 18. 55.6 percent of people said they frequently wore perfume. 88.9 percent of people spent under £50 on perfume a month. 55.6 percent of people said that they were willing to pay up to £25 for a good perfume. 25 percent of people said they prefer a floral tone perfume. 37.5 percent of people said they buy perfume from brands other than the ones listed. 44.4 percent said that the bottle design is important. This will be helpful as it will help me think of the different elements of my perfume and what factors will be most beneficial as people enjoy it more.
  7. existing products
  8. existing product 1 go chic pink bike eau de parfum As soon as I saw this perfume bottle I was obsessed with the design and knew that I wanted to do something similar. I really, really enjoy the shade of pink and the styling of the bike. I find all of the hearts spread around the bike/ bottle pretty and think that is a really nice feature that really brings the whole thing together. I think that when I begin designing my product, I want to implement the "theme" aspect where the bottle and the name/ scene are all linked and compliment each other. I think that I will take the concept design, like the hearts snuck in everywhere, and use that in my final design.
  9. existing product 2 daisy love eau so sweet by marc jacobs I have known about this perfume for a while now and I think it is so cute, again its another really nice bottle that has a theme and matches the name. I would like to create something similar to this where the lid is the main feature because I think it looks really pretty and a lot of people like it too. It also allows for the bottom of the bottle to be more simplistic, so all the focus is on the top where the matching theme and key piece is. I think that from this perfume, I will take the soft colour palette and complimenting text in my final design and in my ad.
  10. existing product 3 Mille eau da parfume french fragrance This bottle design is more simplistic than the others but still fits the ideas I have for my project; it is made to look cutesy with the pink bow on the lid and the simple text with the flower charm hanging from the bow. I would like to incorporate something like the charm and bow around the lid because it adds a nice touch and I think that even after you finish the perfume you could keep it and re use it for another item or just use it as a decoration. So I think in my final design I will definitely be using the charm, but I think I might keep it as a bow.
  11. existing product 4 vera wang princess This bottle design is another more simplistic design than the others, but it still looks pretty and fits my criteria. it is a bink heart that also sort of resembles a diamond?. I would like to incorporate something similar because it adds a nice touch despite it being such a minor detail. I also really like the lid because it links in with the name of the perfume, I think that it really brings the whole thing together and matches really nicely. I could also use this in my perfume because my name (luminary) can be linked to moons/ stars etc. I think this would add a nice element to my project.
  12. logo idea generation
  13. things to make for project: -15-25 second advertisement -logo -social media pages, (instagram, twitter, youtube) -port follio -event ? -posters?
  14. bibliography toilette-50ml/p/778652