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Unit Plan PP

  1. 1. Unit Plan: The 5Elements of a StoryBy: Shelby Bollner
  2. 2. The Learner and the ObjectiveO My class is a 3rd grade class of 22 students,12 boys and 10 girls.O The class is broken down by 55 minutes foreach subject a day.O The objective of my 5 day unit plan is to teachmy students the basics of the 5 elements to astory which are character, plot, setting, style,and theme.
  3. 3. Day One: CharacterO I will begin by a short mini-lesson describing what eachelement is and then explain that today’s focus will be aboutthe element of character. (5-7 mins)O I would then preform a cover walk, a pre-reading activity fora read-aloud, for the book “It’s All About Olivia” asking mysecond graders what they think the book is about, who theythink Olivia might be, what kind of attitude they can inferfrom the pictures that Olivia might have, etc. (5-7 mins)O I would then read the book aloud to the students, and tokeep them engaged I would stop periodically and ask themquestions about the text that pertain to character. (15-20mins)O After the read-aloud I would put the children into groups andhave them do a post-reading activity pertaining tocharacterization and then have them present (remainder ofclass)(Good Reads)
  4. 4. Day Two: PlotO I would go over plot by using the book“There Was an Old Lady Who Swalloweda Fly”O I would use this book to demonstrate plotbecause it has a building plotO After the read-aloud I would have thechildren draw out different things thathappened in the sequence of the plot(Caldecott Medal)
  5. 5. Day Three: SettingO I would choose a historical fiction book,like Ox-Cart Man, for this lesson todemonstrate that setting is both whereAND when the story is occurring.O I would start off with asking them whenthey think the book takes place, whatmakes them think that, any clues they getfrom the story, if the story states where thesetting is.O I would also explain that setting can beplainly stated or inferred.
  6. 6. Day Four: StyleO I would use a book that has many differentstylistic approaches used by theauthor, perhaps different font sizes ormaybe a pop up book, etc.O After reading the book and pointing outthe any style techniques, I would have thechildren draw a picture with a sentenceand have them explain what their stylewas.
  7. 7. Day Five: ThemeO For the last day in the unit plan Iwould choose the book “KnuffleBunny: A Cautionary Tale” that hasa clear theme but also incorporatesall other elements very clearly intothe story as well to tie the unit planaltogether.O At the end I would give the studentsa worksheet that asked specificquestions about the story thatincorporates the students thinkingabout all 5 elements of story.(Silvey, 2013)
  8. 8. Use of TechnologyO I wouldn’t be using a lot of technology forthis unit plan but I would use some.O I would be using the ELMO to display thestory better for all students to see duringthe read-aloudsO I would also use the computer to showdifferent photos for activities.O But mostly the students would be doinghands on activities in groups.
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