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Assure Day One

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Assure Day One

  1. 1. Shelby Bollner Day One 6/4/13AThe students in my class will be completing a week long unit plan about the five literaryelements which are character, plot, setting, style, and theme. It is a 3rdgrade class and is abouteven in the ratio of boys to girls at 12 boys and 10 girls. Culture wise, the students are similar asthe school is not located in a very culturally diverse area though some have Hispanic roots. All ofthe class speaks English, though for some it was not their first language, which makes the modeof communication much easier. The class doesn’t vary in age, so each should be taught on thesame level, with the exception of a few that lag behind.SStudents will describe what the literary elements are with a focus on the literary element ofcharacter and why they are significant by having a short lecture spoken to themthroughstorytelling videos on the class YouTube channel that describe each literary element and whythey are important. I will go over a class literary element poster with the students and then thestudents will be listening to a read-aloud pertaining to character, using the book “Olivia” and thestudents will have a post reading activity.Students will have a homework assignment where theyhave to go home and tweet one thing they learned about the literary element of character to theclass account @MissBollners3rdgradeclass. Students will be able to describe the literary elementof character with 100% accuracy by the end of the unit.SThere will be a couple different methods being used. First, the short lecture will be used as thestudents sit at their desks and simply listen to the teacher recorded storytelling video on the classYouTube channel so that they will learn about the five literary elements, what they are, and whythey are important. The second method will be the teacher going over with the class the literaryelements class poster about what each element is and why each picture pertains to the element itis indicating. Activities following this will be students listening to a read-aloud of the book“Olivia” and then will do a post-reading activity where they write/draw on a piece of paper what
  2. 2. makes up their character. They will then present them to the class.The media used for this classlesson and homework assignment will be a combination of audio, visual (as in computers andmultimedia), still images (the poster), text, Elmo use, and show and tell because of the YouTubestory-telling video, the class poster, the read-aloud, the post-reading activity, and the homeworktwitter assignment. The materials used will be the videos made by the teacher, the poster (alsomade by the teacher), and the text which was purchased by the teacher.UThe audio and visual media used will be the story-telling video about the five literary elementsbeing played from a computerto the students at their desks. Then the students will listen andparticipate in a class discussion about the class literary poster. So there will need to be an alreadycorrectly set up the YouTube channel and video. I must make surethe story-telling video hasbeen tested and made sure it works with the internet connection without glitches and that it runssmoothly. I will also have the poster already to play and make sure that is has been placed in avisible area where it is properly displayed. There will also be text media and materials throughthe read-aloud of Olivia. I will make sure I have the Elmo set up so that the book can be placedon it to be seen from the front of the class so no students have to strain to see. I will havepracticed the read-aloud many times to assure that I will go through it smoothly and that Ialready know what I want to say and mention about the literary element of character. The paperfor the post-reading activity will be supplied by the teacher and the students will have an allottedtime to finish their post-reading activity and present it to class. Lastly, the students will need totweet one thing they learned from today’s class to the Twitter account @MissBollners3rdgradeclass. I will assure that each student has their twitter account that has been previously made forother homework assignments before this unit.RThe learner participation in this class will have to be great. The students will often be in classdiscussions, like when going over the literary element class poster when we will be discussingeach element and talking amongst all the students. Then there will be learning participation whenthe students have to show and tell about their character post-reading activity they completedabout themselves, and even with the homework assignment the students have to participateactively with Twitter. So the students will have many opportunities to discuss what they thinkabout the activities, what they felt about the activities, if they liked them.
  3. 3. EFor evaluating my lesson plan, I will take what the students liked best and what they didn’t enjoyabout the lesson. I will evaluate how much the students knew about the literary element ofcharacter after the lesson and see how much they retained. I will consider what went smoothlyand what parts of the lesson need to be practiced and worked on to make sure there are lessinterruptions and to make sure each activity flows from one to the other. I will also consider whatother technologies I implement into this lesson plan.