Before i die


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Before i die

  1. 1. Before I DieTry things that I never thought I would do/ TAKECHANCESIf ever bored pick something on the list andspontaneously DO IT!!Have as little anxiety as possible1.Start to write a biography through life2.Have my own bakery3.Have my best friends and family work there4.Create a website5.Have a cupcake ATM6.Make the Guinness book of records bymaking the biggest cupcake7.Volunteer at church with my 2 year olds foras long as a possibly can8.Volunteer at a childrens hospital, join up withLet it be, and make a wish, and make a
  2. 2. difference9.Become a elementary teacher10. Fall deeply in love❤Get married and have kids11. Custom make my house and help sydmake hers12. Buy my parents there dream house13. Have a house right next to Sydney’s14. Have a Golden Retriever15.DRIVE a mini cooper16. Get a snow globe collection from everymajor place that i visit17. Go to Italy
  3. 3. 18. Go to Paris19. See the Northern Lights20. Have a conversation in Spanish withsomeone in Mexico21. Go to Sky Zone or Sky-High22. Get a cupcake from the ATM23. Tell only the truth for a day24. Go to the Olympics25. Swim with dolphins26. Be a member in the audience of a TVshow
  4. 4. 27. Send a message in a bottle28. Support a cause29. Experience weightlessness30. Go to Rio during Carnival31. See Australia’s great burial reef32. Take a ride in a hot air balloon33. Visit a concentration camp34. Catch a ball at a baseball game35. Run a marathon
  5. 5. 36. Volunteer abroad37. Ride a camel38. Visit the pyramids in Egypt39. Coliseum in Rome40. Great Wall of China41. Live on an island for a week42. Build a giant sandcastle43. Do a color run44. Go to all 7 continents45. Learn something new everyday46. Vacation in Igloo village
  6. 6. 47. Drive the Great Ocean rode48. Watch the Sunset from Oia, Santorini,Greece49. Go through the longest hedge mazeever50. Go to al Disney Parks Worldwide51. Ride on the Singapore Flyer52. Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy53. Visit Stonehenge during summersolstice54. Attend the Running of the Bulls inPamplona, Spain
  7. 7. 55. Go on an African Safari at the MasaiMara National Reserve (Kenya)56. Attend the FIFA World Cup57. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon GeothermalSpa(Ireland)58. Spend New Years Eve in SydneyAustralia with Sydney59. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer60. Visit Mochu pituchu61. Visit the Taj Majal62. Ride an Elephant63. Name a star64. Be in a flash mob
  8. 8. 65. Eat at an underwater restaurant66. Stay in an Over water bungalow in BoraBora67. Be an extra in a movie68. Adopt at least one child from birth69. Ride a segway70. Attend the midnight screening of amovie71. Go to a drive in movie72. Visit Vatican City and All of ItsAttractions73. Travel on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
  9. 9. 74. Climb the leaning tower of Pisa75. Celebrate saint patties day in DublinIreland76. Swim in the words largest swimmingpool(Chile)77. Stay at the ice hotel in Sweden78. Hold a koala79. Fly First Class With Emirates80. See and Photograph Christ theRedeemer81. Tour hagia SofiaRed square in Moscow82. Help someone fufill there dream
  10. 10. 83. Take a random flight at the airport84. Take an Amazon rainforest expedition85. Take a cruise on the allure of the seas86. Visit tikal87. Go to Jerusalem88. Observe from the Burj Khalifa89. Drive through the Channel Tunnel90. See a lunar and solar eclipses andHaley’s comet91. Experience a symphony of lights on thestar ferry92. Go to the World Expo
  11. 11. 93. Ride the x train94. Zip line in Montverde Costa Rica95. Stay in the Burj Al Arab Hotel96. Skinny-Dip at Turtle Island, Fiji97. See old faithful98. Sleep in a hammock on an ocean on anisland99. Tour Hearst castle100. Learn asl101. Be in a pageant and win a huge crown102. Cross the Rialto bridge103. Kiss the Blarney Stone104. Mush a dog sled
  12. 12. 105. See an iceberg106. Shower in a waterfall107. Sleep in a castle108. Stay at a dude ranch109. Visit the top ten us Lighthouses110. Walk across a swingy suspensionbridge111. Make one of the guards in Englandlaugh and take pictures with them112. Watch turtles hatch and run into theocean113. Be a model114. See a movie in every Us state115. Attend the rockettes Christmas show inRockefeller Center116. See Wicked117. Be a game show contestant118. Have a family reunion every year
  13. 13. 119. Take my grandkids to Disney world inFlorida120. Join a gym121. Have a Family Portrait made withhusband and kids122. Take family photos professionally for funevery once in a while123. Create a scrapbook with my daughter124. Plant a tree125. Have a garden126. Have a beautiful dream backyard127. Sew a quilt128. Attend a high school reunion129. Live on the beach on a private island130. Find a dinosaur bone131. Become a millionaire/ billionaire132. Win the lottery133. Help a family in need
  14. 14. 134. Have multiple houses135. Rescue at least one animal from ashelter136. Make a British guard laugh137. Go to famous Fashion Shows138. Go to Award Shows139. Make homemade ice cream140. Shop on l’anvenue des champs-elysees141. stay in cinderellas castle142. Have a wild animal eat out of your hand143. See the fire squids glow144. Cover someones car in post it notes145. Walk through Japans tunnel of lights146. Attend a maskarad ball147. Make a wish in the Trevi fountain148. go to a hot spring149. Add a lock to the bridge of Love
  15. 15. 150. Go to the county music festival inNashville151. go whiteriver raftong on theTatshenshini river152. Learn something new everyday153. Watch the best movies of all time154. Help Create and keep track of the familytree155. Stay flexible156. Make my own wine in Napa Valley157. Go through the Longleat hedge maze158. Take a week long no technology break159. Drive on German autobons160. attend the Running of the bulls161. Visit Mount rushmore162. drink a pina Colada in San Juan163. Participate in Geocaching164. go to the Blues Bar in Chicago
  16. 16. 165. Do the Polar BearPlounge166. Try every fragrance at body and body