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Part 2

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Welcome back to my attempt at the WYDC :-) Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and comments - it makes the challenge that much more enjoyable for me!Hopefully you recognize this &apos;Mr. Smithers&apos; impersonator as Betheny Scarlett. In Part 1, our poor garden gnome was stolen out from under our noses during Trixie & Zee&apos;s wedding! I fretted that we would never see him again, what with excessive amounts of babies to pop out, diapers to change, skills to teach, etc. But Betheny sprung into gnome-rescue mission A immediately after her transition sparkles faded. I &lt;3 you B!(just in case... Mr. Smithers = wealthy, evil character on The Simpsons)<br />
  3. 3. When we left off last time, Trixie had just promised the next 9 months to the Drama Professor from SSU, Randy Bachman. So 3 bumps later, she popped out---------WAIT!<br />
  4. 4. OK, so my game seriously glitched at this point of the challenge - as represented by the glitched naked Cullen here. Professor Drama, as I now refer to him, planted seed D on Friday at 3:30pm (yup, I recorded it in my nifty notebook *cough*I&apos;m*a*nerd*cough*. So Monday rolled around and NO baby. Tuesday... Wednesday... still NO BABY! &quot;Are you sure she was pregnant?&quot; you ask... YES - I heard the lullaby & she popped 3 times each successive day like clockwork. There was no option to &apos;try for baby&apos; when she WooHooed Zee. I could not use the maternity clothes as a guide since I had just installed the pregnancy mod that allows simladies to wear custom maternity. &quot;Did I exit the home and re-enter?&quot; funny you ask that... NO, not at first. I was mad and stubborn and Trixie was GOING to pop the kid out if I watched her and cursed her under my breath long enough, right?! So eventually I gave up and exited the game & uninstalled the pregnancy mod-for good measure. The next time I opened the Scarlett house, Trixie immediately decided NOW she was ready for baby D&apos;s birth. So... that explains Trixie&apos;s lame maternity wear and why Professor Drama is on my hate list. Oh, and Cullen&apos;s temporary aversion to jammies.<br />
  5. 5. IT&apos;S ANOTHER GIRL! <br />Delilah Scarlet born Thursday 4am. That&apos;s 3 days overdue *grumble* Delilah = &apos;brooding&apos;; I figure she must have been too deep in thought to be troubled with entering the world :-P<br />
  6. 6. Despite being late, Zee cheered like crazy for her arrival. Betheny, on the other hand, seemed to be whispering paternity results in his ear all the while. Not once did she look at Trixie and cheer, she just gave sideways glances to Zee. She&apos;s going to be a stinker, I have a feeling...<br />
  7. 7. Now that Zee is living in the house, Trixie can&apos;t just booty call up her next victim...I mean Daddy-to-be. So instead, Cullen received some much needed attention.You may notice, Cullen did not learn to walk and there is not a potty picture of him either. He did learn to potty - that is a necessity for my toddlers. But I was neglecting taking pictures while in the midst of the Professor Drama pregnancy glitch. Oops :(BTW, because I neglected to inform you last time:Cullen (by Blue, aka DamionKratz, the dormie at SSU via WooHoo 1st try @ home) Sagittarius = 4 sloppy/4 shy/9 active/7 playful/1 nice<br />
  8. 8. And before I could take more pictures, he went and grew up on me and into hair I will not post - yuck and not blue! <br />
  9. 9. So the next day when Zee left for work as a gumshoe, Beatrix invited over Daddy E... The next 9 months-and NO more-will belong to Ashley Pitts of UreleOresha Cham. Not only did Ashley let himself in, Trixie was waiting in her bed with &apos;Relax&apos; in her cue! And first cheating scare occurred. I answered a chance card for Zee correctly and he showed up home from work early! *PANIC ALARM SOUNDING* I immediately had Trixie run out to the garden through the side door - because lucky for me they were just getting out of bed. Ashley took the nonchalant approach:<br />
  10. 10. He gave Zee the obligatory guy head nod, while exiting the master bedroom. *deep breathes*<br />
  11. 11. And then snuck his way out to the garden to... pour soap in our fountain?! Sure, Ashley it&apos;s so VERY believable that you are ONLY visiting to suds up our garden water feature - and nothing more. Right...You will notice, luckily, Zee was catching his new carpool from being promoted. <br />
  12. 12. So things worked out in the end. Ashley & Beatrix made some lullaby music and she shooed him on his way. Of course, after they congratulated themselves on successfully sneaking behind Zee&apos;s back. <br />
  13. 13. That night, Trixie came home with the promotion to max out her dance career. So far that&apos;s Education and Dance for Trixie and....well Zee is still working his way up to the SCIA.<br />
  14. 14. OK, let&apos;s get this update back on track... I feel as if I have been rambling off on tangents this entire time. Hey, I&apos;m easily distracted, that&apos;s all - by blue haired kids playing in their overly sports-themed decorated bedrooms :-D<br />
  15. 15. Addie has yet to make an appearance in this update, partly because she was a wallflower compared to her other family members. Everyday she brought a friend home from school and entertained herself quite well. In this particular game of RPS, Addie dominated against her friend Suzanne - rubbing it in each time. And then she added insult to injury --&gt;<br />
  16. 16. And grew up. Really, insensitive if you think about it. She could&apos;ve at least sent her townie friend back to Never-Never-Land before blinding her with her sparkle dance. Just look at poor Suzanne&apos;s face! :(Addie rolled Fortune LTW: Become the Law+ formal attire & charisma / - swimsuitsPredestined hobby: tinkering<br />
  17. 17. So I caved, and grew her up with Addie. While I sent Addie inside for a makeover and to ditch the &quot;Plaid Minis by Meadow&quot; look, Suzanne experienced the freedom of transition. She must have joined the traveling circus cause we never heard from the girl again...<br />
  18. 18. After I changed Addie&apos;s hair I realized the Headmaster had been waiting to &apos;interview&apos; us for private school. So the Meadow look will have to do for now, ugh.<br />
  19. 19. Fortunately, Beatrix was able to prepare a nice meal while Addie handled the tour. After some schmoozing, Addie, Betheny, and Cullen were admitted!<br />
  20. 20. I felt bad for not teaching Cullen to walk, but obviously it is not affecting his current studies! on to another birthday!<br />
  21. 21. The whole family gathered to celebrate Delilah&apos;s toddler birthday. But in true drama fashion, Ms. Delilah must have wished for more time to contemplate that fairly haphazard toddler toss. <br />
  22. 22. So the good father he is, Zee put Delilah down for a nap and tucked in two of his other girls. In the time it took for him to heart-fart Trixie, Ms. Delilah Drama decided she was ready to brave the toss. Good thing she&apos;s a cutie, &apos;nuf said.Delilah (by Professor Drama, aka Randy Bachman, via WooHoo 1st try @ home) Gemini = 4 sloppy/10 outgoing/9 active/10 playful/1 nice<br />
  23. 23. In a refreshing turn of events, for my WYDC at least, baby E is born right on time! IT&apos;S A BOY! Emerson &quot;Emery&quot; Scarlett born Sunday @ 8:30pm. Emerson = &apos;nothing worth documenting, but it sounds kinda girlie like his Daddy :-P&quot; (hopefully no manly Emersons will be reading this, or my apologies...)<br />
  24. 24. Do you think the kids are unhappy with the name I picked? Or are they just upset to have to share their toys with a new sibling... Get used to it! You will also notice Ms. Brooding on the floor deep in thought analyzing her recent &apos;toddlerification&apos;. (I added this word to my dictionary so that MS Word won&apos;t red flag it - so it is now a REAL word in case you were wondering!)<br />
  25. 25. You may have noticed Trixie is going for the fast food &apos;collect them ALL!&apos; approach with the UOC (Urele-Oresha-Cham) frat boys. Two down, two to go...So she booty calls Castor Nova to one of my favorite one-stop-shopping locations: The Corner Shops. Per the rules, which I am REALLY trying to adhere to, Trix must do the horizontal mambo 13 times away from home. So far, she has yet to experience the joys of public WooHoo, so here goes!Can you believe it took 3 TIMES?! Castor either had stage freight or Trixie wanted to keep showcasing her skills :-P<br />
  26. 26. As you can imagine, by the 3rd time, they had amassed quite a crowd. This old lady even pushed her way in front to congratulate Trixie on... well, your guess is as good as mine. My guess is she&apos;s a withered up Romance sim who is green with envy that Trix is the &apos;hot mama&apos; around town :-)<br />
  27. 27. Back at the homestead, Zee was desperately trying to potty train Ms. Delilah Drama who defies the powers of Smartmilk. Regardless, the &apos;lil lady did learn all of the important toddler skills. As many of you, I have given up on the nursery rhyme and only teach it for fun.<br />
  28. 28. Smarty pants Cullen brought home his A+ report card (also something I am now trying to capture - be patient as this is my 1st real go at fully documenting my simmies).<br />
  29. 29. I should also mention, I am attempting to have all the teens get jobs so that I can guarantee at least 3 scholarships. Usually they max a skill on their own (thanks to the addictive powers of the activity table and piano - GO CREATIVITY!) and they all earn straight A&apos;s. Addie took a job in the Gamer career, in honor of her Dad, and was quickly maxed to Trash Talker. She is currently the ONLY neat freak in the house, so she often tries to enlighten the kids on proper table etiquette - including the correct angle to position your utensils so as to minimize aerial food debris. Obviously, Zee prefers the shoveling method but I think his hook nose may be to blame.<br />
  30. 30. Betheny soon reached the teenage years - oh, joy. But even with her extroverted, playfully active demeanor I hesitate to think she can pull this look off... Really, girl make up your mind either polka dots OR stripes but not BOTH! She rolled Pleasure (perfect!)LTW: Become a Professional Party Guest+ blondies & unemployed / - glassesPredestined hobby: nature<br />
  31. 31. So naturally, I found her a job in the Entertainment career as a mascot :-P I purposely didn&apos;t skill her appropriately to earn a promotion right away, because she just seemed so right for this costume!<br />
  32. 32. In uncharacteristic fashion, Delilah transitioned right on time into a child! I assure you, I do keep my toddlers properly fed! Why Ms. Delilah ran for the Easy Bake and scarfed down this muffin is beyond me. But I love sloppy muffin eaters - their mouths defy anatomy!<br />
  33. 33. Simultaneous birthdays are the norm around this house, so while Delilah was swallowing her muffin whole, Beatrix helped Emery out with his toddler toss. And can you believe it, he grew up into a mini Ashley! In fact, I have a hard time remembering his name because I always think &apos;Ashley&apos; when I see him!Emerson &quot;Emery&quot; (by Ashley Pitts - duh! via WooHoo 2nd try @ home with near cheating scandal) Gemini = 2 sloppy/9 outgoing/9 active/6 playful/1 nice <br />
  34. 34. Early the following morning, Beatrix opted for an outdoor delivery of baby F. IT&apos;S A BOY! Finn Scarlett born Thursday @ 4:30am. Finn = &apos;fair-haired&apos;(no he has dark hair, but I was hoping & had already picked out the name)<br />
  35. 35. So, a quickie recap:Beatrix, the constantly knocked-up mama; married to Zee, the doting thinks-he&apos;s-the-father of D through F; Addie, the often overlooked eldest of Rod Humble; Betheny, the extroverted daughter of Joshua Ruben; Cullen, the blue-haired adorable son of Blue from SSU; Ms. Delilah, high-maintenance daughter of Professor Drama; Emery, the mini version of his father Ashley Pitts; and last but not least Finn, the most recently born son of Castor Nova.Whew! That was a mouthful! Since I had played quite a bit ahead before I had the motivation learn how to post Part 1, there will be another update very soon. I need to catch up before I forget and get too far ahead! Hope you enjoy my maddness ~Shelbs<br />