Lawson Case Study


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Lawson Case Study

  2. 2. The Music Industry Institution Audience Production Distribution Consumption Exchange/ Marketing Exhibition Reception
  3. 3. Production ▪ The group’s actual formation was started through Myspace – Adam was playing the drums in college and found Andy who was looking to start a band and said if he needed a drummer then he would gladly work with him ▪ Ryan knew Andy at the time as they were both doing solo gigs and when they kept playing in the same spots they decided to work together ▪ Joel and Ryan went to the same uni and so knew each other – when Ryan, Andy and Adam began working together Ryan called Joel to London to begin sessions ▪ It took four rehearsals before the band felt comfortable enough to write their own music and perform live at different venues - Their first gig was in Cambridge with only 7 people. ▪ The name Lawson came about as it was the name of a surgeon who performed the operation of Andy’s brain tumour when he was 18
  4. 4. Production – getting signed/ Exhibition ▪ They booked an opening act tour with the Wanted in 2011 as Andy was friends with Max from his younger days. ▪ After performing several acoustic sets on tour with the Wanted they were approached by several large record labels. ▪ They chose to go with Global Talent Records which is part of Polydor (branch of universal) ▪ Signed a two album deal ▪ Following the big signing they opening for acts such as The Wanted, Jessie J and Avril Lavigne
  5. 5. Distribution Marketing Distribution Budgets Word of mouth Online downloads Live performances
  6. 6. Production/ Exhibition/ Distribution ▪ The band toured in 2012 fitting in a headline tour of the UK in January and May ▪ They did an intimate show at Monto Water Rats in London which was streamed worldwide in April ▪ The band later revealed that their debut album, Chapman Square, would be released on 22 October
  7. 7. Production/ Distribution/ Exchange First Album – Chapman Square ▪ Producers consisted of John Shanks (Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Take That), Ki Fitzgerald (The Wanted, B.O.B and Jonas Brothers), Carl Falk (One Direction and Nikki Minaj), and Rami Yacoub (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Westlife, The Saturdays and Pink,) ▪ On 22 October 2012, Lawson released Chapman Square ▪ The album went gold. Singles ▪ The band's first official single, When She Was Mine was released on 27th May 2012 ▪ The band's second single, Taking Over Me, was released on 5th August 2012 ▪ On 14th October 2012, the band released their third official single, Standing in the Dark, which reached number six.
  8. 8. Marketing • Lawson used social media a lot to promote their singles and debut album by using sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – interacting with fans • It was made available through Amazon, HMV, Tesco, Asda – any big supermarkets and music stores • All singles and albums could be bought on ITunes • They released a single which could be downloaded for free from their own website • They did a few TV appearances to promote the album like This Morning along with TV adverts • They did an album signing tour to interact with fans • They had a sell out tour performing all the songs from Chapman Square
  9. 9. Consumption ▪ Lawson’s album was available as a physical CD to be bought in stores however it was also available to digital download ▪ This could be played on formats such as iPods, phones, cd player, etc… computer ▪ Many listeners made the album into a playlist on sites like Spotify or Youtube
  10. 10. Reception ▪ When she was mine reached number four on the UK Singles Chart. ▪ Taking over me peaked at number three. ▪ Standing in the dark reached number 6 ▪ Learn to Love again only reached 13 ▪ Broken Hearted reached number 6 ▪ Their latest single Juliet reached number 3 ▪ Chapman Square reached number 4 in the album charts