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Social media presentation 1


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Social Media Presentation

Published in: Internet, Technology, Business
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Social media presentation 1

  1. 1. From Shekhar Patil.
  2. 2. Are you ready for the conversations? Are you willing to listen?
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Many definitions All deal with sharing of information to achieve social interaction Shift from a one-to-many model to a many-to-many model Components Web-based platforms Can be used to inform, educate and engage customers
  4. 4. Lesson Goals of this presentation Building online community around your services and products. Become a familiar with a marketing through social media applications Identify parts of a social media strategy Identify social media online tools and applications Develop social media marketing plan
  5. 5. Work Of Social Networking Facebook- I like Samosa (Page) Twitter- I am eating Samosa LinkedIn- My Skills Include Samosa Eating Instagram- Here's Classic photo of my samosa Blog- Here's My samosa Eating experience Pint rest- Here's Samosa recipe Youtube- This is how i eat my samosa. Four Square- Location Plobal- Where can i get best samosa in town?
  6. 6.  Social Networking • Facebook • LinkedIn • Google+  Blogging  Wordpress  Blogger  LiveJournal  Microblogging  Twitter  Tumblr  Plurk  Photo-Sharing  Pinterest  Flickr  PhotoBucket  Video-Sharing  YouTube  Vimeo  Metacafe  Presentation Sharing  SlideShare  Scribd  DocStoc  Social Bookmarking  Reddit  Stumbleupon  Digg  Location Based Sharing  Foursquare  Facebook Places  MojoStreet  Q & A sharing website  Quora  MetaFilter
  7. 7. Parts of a Social Media Strategy As you create your online profiles, think about your screen nam Your Name – Shekhar Patil. Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin – Blogspot – / – E-mail –
  8. 8. Twitter What is it? • 140 character sound bites • Micro-blogging • Conversational linking (Hey, check this out!) • Applications and #tag conversations How do you use it? • Tweet, retweet, and #tagyourcampaign • Follow (selectively?) • Get chatty, post articles, ask questions
  9. 9.  Facebook arpatil1589?ref=hl pplianceindia?ref=hl arpatil15989?ref=hl  Twitter @shekharpatil15 Pintrest spatil/  Blog login.php  Slide-Share arspatil