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Sudarija tunnel melamchi water suppply project


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A study of social impact due to tunnel construction at Sundarijal- Outlet of Melamchi water supply project.
By: Er. Shekhar Chandra K.C.
Er. Amit Ranjit, Er. Rajendra Sapkota, Er. Yogendra Chitrakar, Er. Lokendra Yadav

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sudarija tunnel melamchi water suppply project

  1. 1. Presented By: Er. Rajendra Sapkota Er. Shekhar Chandra K.C. Er. Amit Ranjit Er. Yogendra Chitrakar Er. Lokendra Prasad Yadav
  2. 2. Presentation OutlineIntroduction to Melamchi Water Supply project - Er. Rajendra SapkotaIntroduction to topic, objective scope, methodology – Er. Shekhar Chandra K.CSWOT Analysis – Er. Amit RanjitFindings - Er. Yogendra ChitrakarConclusion and Recommendation - Er. Lokendra P. Yadav
  3. 3. Introduction to Melamchi Water Supply project Er. Rajendra Sapkota
  4. 4. Waiting for water……
  5. 5. Melamchi River: source of MWSP
  6. 6. 1. Introduction MWSP – Much Debated Mega ProjectExecuting Agency- MoPPW, MWDB Project duration – originally(July 2001 to 2006), now extended to 2013 Estimated cost – US$ 464 million/ 317.3million in 2008Funding: Donors & GoNSource of water- stage I- Melamchi, Stage II& III- Yangri & Larke(@170MLD)
  7. 7. 1. Introduction contd…Major componentPhysical Infra structure Development - MDS(approx. 40km), WTP, BDS, DNI and Environmental ProgramInstitutional Reform Project Implementation Support
  8. 8. Demand and Supply of water SupplyS.N Time frame Demand (corer liters) Rainy Dry1 2001 21.3 12 82 2005 28.5 12 83 2008 32.5 14+17 9+174 2015 39.7 31+17 26+175 2022 50 48+17 43+176 2027 55 65 607 2032 60 65 60 Source: MWSDB
  9. 9. d]nDrL vfg]kfgL ljsf; ;ldlt cfof]hgf kg{;+r/rgf, @))* d]=vf=lj=; sf=p=vf=Jo=jf]8{ d]nDrL vfg]kfgL sf=p=vf=ln cfof]hgfd]nDrL pkTosf cjoj + vfg]kfgL dxzn lgwf{/0f cfof]u kfgL k|zf]wg s]Gb|, sf7df08f}+ Source: MWSDB
  10. 10. Adjusted funding in 2008Investme MWSP KUKL Total Remarks ntGoN 73.90 16.70 90.60ADB 103.80 33.20 137.0 LoanJBIC 47.5 47.5 LoanJICA 18.0 18.0 GrantNDF 10.5 10.5 LoanOPEC 13.7 13.70 LoanTotal 249.40 67.90 317.30 Source: MWSDB
  11. 11. Melamchi Project Layout Intake Zone Water Treatment Plant Tunnel Outlet Zone: STUDY AREADistributionZone
  12. 12. Source: MWSDB
  13. 13. 1. Introduction contd..We have all things although still delay in project ……?????? SOCIAL MWSP SOCIAL MWSP SOCIAL SOCIAL
  14. 14. 1. Project Area Sundarijal VDC: Study Area
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  16. 16. Introduction totopic, objective, scope, met hodology Er. Shekhar Chandra K.C
  17. 17. 2. Introduction of the TopicSundarijal Adit MWSP tunnel outlet Location-Sundarijal ward no-7 About 14km north-east of Kathmandu Valley Water Treatment Plant
  18. 18. Study Area Sundarijal Ward No-7 Major Caste- Tamang, Brahman-Chhetri, Newar etc. Major Occupation- Agriculture, Business, service etc.
  19. 19. Satellite View of Sundarijal Tunnel Outlet Site Office Water Treatment Plant area Study Area
  20. 20. Objective To study the social impact due to blast on tunnel construction Other social issues due to project activitiesScope of the study Sundarijal ward no-7 (main affected area) Mainly focus on impact due to blasting
  21. 21. MethodologySecondary Data Collection -Past LiteraturePrimary Data Collection -Field Observation -Questionnaire survey
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  23. 23. SWOT Analysis Er. Amit Ranjit
  24. 24. 3. SWOT Analysis• Effective way of examining Strengths and Weaknesses, identifying the Opportunities and Threats.• Complex Situations, limited time and resources• provides a framework to identify critical issuesa
  25. 25. 3. SWOT contd…..Strengths:Satisfaction with the compensationImprovement in the road
  26. 26. 3. SWOT contd…..Strengths:Improvement in the education and health infrastructureOpportunity of employmentEnvironmental friendly projectEmpowerment to local people
  27. 27. 3. SWOT contd…..Weakness:No clear guidelines todistribute compensation(damaged houses)Long and formalprocess for solution of anyproblems.High Intensity of soundlevel
  28. 28. 3. SWOT contd…..Weakness:Poor solid waste managementConventional method of tunnel boringSUP not implemented till now
  29. 29. 3. SWOT contd…..Opportunities:Expansion of marketCapacity developmentTourism development
  30. 30. 3. SWOT contd…..Opportunities:Increase value of landSolution for crisis of drinking water for Kathmandu valley
  31. 31. 3. SWOT contd…..Threat:Cost increase due to delayPossibilities of disturbancesIncreasing demand
  32. 32. 3. SWOT contd…..Threat:Possibility of mosquito breedingPossibility of deterioration the fertility of the agricultural land
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  34. 34. Findings Er. Yogendra Chitrakar
  35. 35. 4.Findings• Out come from the field social survey• 6th December 2011, Sundarijal-7, questionnaire• Social Impacts due to Tunnel Outlet Construction of MWSP• 20 households out of around 80 households from the project area• Inclusive Gender wise, Caste wise and Age wise
  36. 36. Genderwise Male Female 45% Agewise 15-29 30-59 >59 55% 15% 45% Castwise Brahman/Chhetri Tamang Newar 40% 10% 45%45%
  37. 37. a. Familiarity with the Project100 % of the people are aware of the running projectNational ProjectInaugurated by the Prime minister
  38. 38. b. Purpose of Construction Familiar with the intention of tunnel construction and land acquisitionc. Interaction about Project Major number of the local people has positively responded Sundarijal development committee.
  39. 39. d. Effects due to Project  Almost poured their grievances due to house cracks.  Landslides in the village, miscarriages of animals, damage to the electrical appliances.25 202015 1310 5 5 4 10 Landslide Crack in House Miscarrage of Damage of No Impact cattles Electrical Appliances
  40. 40. Cracks on the villagers house due to blast during construction of Tunnel
  41. 41. 120 100 80% 60 40 20 0
  42. 42. e. Satisfaction by Compensation More than half of the people were satisfied by the compensation provided for land acquisition and displacement. Few households were entertained by the compensation for the crack house Satisfaction with the Compensation Yes No N/A 5% 40% 55%
  43. 43. f. Methodology of Demand More than 50% of the people were aware of the methodology of pouring their dissatisfaction. Most of them go through the committee formed for that purpose.g. Social Upliftment Program (SUP) For project affected people to empower people, uplift the life style, enhancing social structure To achieve the sustainability of the project. Most of the people was unaware of SUP.
  44. 44. Do you know about SUP ? Yes No 15% 85%
  45. 45. h. Benefits from the Project Half of the people accepted the benefits from the access road constructed for the Project. Other benefits are increase in land value, employment, education etc. Benefits Others Education 10% 6% Employment Road 17% 50% Increase in land value 17%
  46. 46. i. Disadvantages due to the Project Hamper directly to their private properties Other disadvantages pollutions, increase in market price, displacement and Chinese workers behaviours Disadvantages Others 24% Crack in house Displaced 45% 3% Polution 21% Incease in Market Price 7%
  47. 47. j. Commitment to the people Almost of the people were not known to the commitment before lunching the Project They were aware of the access road and compensation only by the project. k .View toward the employee of the Project Most of the People put their positive views towards the employee Only facing nuisance due to the fouls thrown by the Chinese.
  48. 48. l. Overall view to the Project All the people wish for the successful implementation of the project Positive aspect for the Project especially in the outlet site of the tunnel and Water treatment plant Zone. Wished to be the part of the contributors in the Success of Melamchi Water Supply Project ( National Project)
  49. 49. Summary of Findings Any About View Any Saticefaction comment Familiar Methodolo Comitment towards the Impact due Family discussion with the About about theSn Name Gender Age Cast to the gy of before imlementati to Project Benefits Disadvantages No. about the Compansatio SUP Employee Project demand implementati on of the Activities Project n of the on Project Project Taman N N1 Harka Bdr. Tamang M 87 g 3 Y N N N N N N Y V2 Bhola Ghimire M 55 Bahun 4 Y A NA A N N N Y V N Migaration Chandra Bdr. Taman N3 Tamang M 40 g 3 Y Y N N N N N Y V Road Taman4 Sumita Lama F 28 g 4 Y N N TC N N N Y V Road Lack of Compansation Taman5 Kanchha Tamang M 60 g 11 Y Y N Y N U N Y U Road U Durga Devi Taman6 Tamang F 48 g 9 Y Y N TC N U Y Y V Road Lack of Compansation7 Keshab Sapkota M 48 Bahun 4 Y N Y NY N U N Y V NA Exchange with money8 Deepika Ghimire F 28 Bahun 5 Y N N TC N R N Y V NA NA9 Pramila Ghimire F 23 Bahun 4 Y Y N TC N N N Y V Road Pollutions10 Hari Maya Sapkota F 36 Bahun 5 Y Y N TC N N N Y V Road Exchange with money11 Sita Simkhada F 27 Bahun 3 Y N Y TC N N N Y V Road Taman12 Saraswoti Tamang F 20 g 4 Y Y N A N N Y N V V Damaged Houses13 Sudan Shrestha M 24 Newar 13 Y N Y TC N N N Y U Road Social Problems14 Amir Simkhada M 18 Bahun 5 Y Y Y TC Y R N Y V Road Pollutions Taman15 Rajendra Tamang M 15 g 6 Y N Y A N N N Y V Road Damaged Houses16 Kanchha Shrestha M 65 Newar 6 Y Y N N N N N Y V Road Damaged Houses Taman17 Nirmaya Tamang F 30 g 5 Y Y Y TC N N Y Y N Road NA18 Rabindra Ghimire M 26 Bahun 15 Y N Y TC N N N Y V Road Pollutions19 Sabbu Ghimire F 30 Bahun 4 Y N Y TC N R N Y V Road Income enhanced Hari Bahadur Taman20 Tamang M 47 g 5 Y Y N TC N N N Y V Market Pollutions
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  51. 51. Conclusion andRecommendation Er. Lokendra Prasad Yadav
  52. 52. Conclusion Compensation must be given as soon as possible in order to implement the project smoothly in future. This project has increased the awareness and empowered them.
  53. 53. Conclusion contd… Most of the social issues are addressed in this project, it was noticed that the people are satisfied. During tunnel construction through blasting, cracks are observed in houses of local people. As a result of which they are terrified to live in their houses.
  54. 54. Recommendation Clear guidelines must be made. SUP program must be implemented as soon as possible. In order to empower the local people, intensive awareness program must be conducted.
  55. 55. Thank You
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