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wildlife week Telangana


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wildlife week is observed in 1st week of October 2015 in Nehru Zoological park. the new concepts like birthday celebration of animals, naming of new born animals, Natural heritage rally, Zoo carnival, sports meet for Zoo staff and workshop of Development of ZOO and its prospects and possibilities are conducted. new program on free distribution of saplings to the 3 million visitors to the Zoo is launched during the week for encouraging homestead planting

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wildlife week Telangana

  1. 1. Prl. Secretary Sri. Rajeshwar Tiwari Planting Jammi Sapling at Nehru Zoological Park Wildlife Week October, 2015
  2. 2. New Uniforms to the Staff at Ticket Counters
  3. 3. Releasing Souvenirs
  4. 4. Shiva: Sacred Baboon’ 9th Birthday
  5. 5. Prl. Secretary & PCCF in Press Conference
  6. 6. October 2nd Remembering Bapuji & Shastriji
  7. 7. Swatch ZOO
  8. 8. Round Table Conference Zoo Development: Prospects and Possibilities
  9. 9. Round Table Conference Zoo Development: Prospects and Possibilities
  10. 10. Prl. Secretary & PCCF interacting with the Children
  11. 11. Natural Heritage Cycle Rally Bio-diversity Park to Nehru Zoological Park
  12. 12. Zoo: Sports Meet
  13. 13. Releasing Rhinoceros in to the Enclosure by Hon’ble Minister for Forests and BC Welfare
  14. 14. New born Rhinoceros Calf named Ramu, with Mother Saraswathi
  15. 15. Vriksha Prasadam at KBR Park
  16. 16. Hon’ble minister planting Jammi Sapling in KBR Park
  17. 17. Releasing peacocks in KBR National Park Hon’ble Minister for Forests & BC Welfare