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Career plan


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Career plan

  1. 1. Career Assessment Project Sara HeinleinCareer Assessment ProjectSara Heinlein
  2. 2. My Work Values:
  3. 3. Relationships
  4. 4. My Foundation Blocks
  5. 5. MyLearning StyleVisual Learner-Working with pictures,colors, and writtendirections.Occupations:Webmaster, GraphicDesign, Architect,Surgeon.
  6. 6. •1 year- Do well in school. Ialso hope to have picked outmy college by this time nextyear.•5 year- In 5 years I will be asenior in college. At this pointI would want to be doing wellin college and have an idea ofwhat I want to do when Igraduate.10 year- In 10 years I will be26 years old. Hopefully I will bemaking money and happy.
  7. 7. •They prefer occupations that involve creative,humanistic, thoughtful, and quiet types ofactivities.They prefer to work where things are orderly.They tend to be cautious, structured, loyal,systematic, and organized.
  8. 8. Birkman Career:Small Business . Owner •A small business owner needs to be able to make plans, solve problems, hire, train, motivate, and lead employees. • Some Majors Include- Entrepreneurship, Hum an Resources Management, Economics.
  9. 9. Physician
  10. 10. PhysicianA Physician has many opportunitiesto lead different types of lifestyles.They can:• Open up their own private practice.• Work at a university-hospital.• Have a job with the health-maintenance organization. Majors: Cell Biology, Genetics, biology, chemistry, nursing, and anatomy. Average Salary: $147, 653.
  11. 11. Journalism •Journalists interview sources and review records to assemble, collect, and report information. • Journalists inform and educated the public. •They must have a point of view but be able to remain objective.Average Salary:$19, 275- $64,462.
  12. 12. Holland CodeI-Investigative-These types ofoccupations usually involve working withideas and require a lot of thinking. Theycan involve searching for facts andfiguring out problems.S-Social -working with, communicatingwith, and teaching people. People in thesecareers help to provide services to others.E -Enterprising- This is when you workwith people to influence, perform,persuade, or lead for organizational goalsor economic gain.
  13. 13. Family andGeneral Practitioner Description: Diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases and injuries that commonly occur. Tasks Include: • Prescribe treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat illness, disease, or injury. • Monitor patients’ conditions
  14. 14. Family and General Practitioner Average Wages:SkillsNeeded: Starting: $77,640•ComplexProblem Experienced:Solving Usually Greater•Critical Than $168. 520.Thinking•Listening
  15. 15. Biological Science Teacher
  16. 16. Biology TeacherTasks:•Preparing and delivering lectures.•Teaching about molecular biology, marinebiology, and botany.•Supervise students’ lab work.•Grade and evaluate student’s class work,labs, and assignments. Average Wages: Starting: $51,550 Experienced: $111,640.
  17. 17. Advertising (MarketResearch)
  18. 18. Advertising/Market ResearcherTasks:• Preparing studies and Skills:surveys•Analyze demographic and Listening, Flexibility,purchasing information. and Communication.•Research factors that affectproduct demand.•Make recommendations formarketing a product.•Create Sales Presentations. Salary: Starting Salary: $52, 270. Experienced: $103,000.