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313 the management of the grove


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313 the management of the grove

  1. 1. THE GROVEBy Sharon Heilman
  2. 2. SWOT Opportunities Strengths Weaknesses ThreatsUnique Expensive to Catering seems Restaurants onmusical provide music on to be new Bluemond Rd are market that isofferings not a such a regular a constant threat growing andavailable at all schedule, not to to the customer profitableother mention the time baserestaurants needed to schedule eventsVery fresh and Expensive to Advertising Older crowdexciting menu maintain creatively by is dying,offerings inventory of a volunteering at perishable item local events literally There are many staff Word of mouthMany of staff Economy members that arehave been currently students, and is an endlesswith the there very few positions source of that are available in the referrals, givecompany for company to retain the employees that are the besta lengthy seeking a higher product andperiod of education. servicetime possible No benefits/401
  3. 3. WWW.GETINTHEGROVE.COMFabulous website, it really identifiesthe company to the public, but whatis the company to the employees?
  4. 4. Get into the Grove  What is the visionWhat is the of Mission of The Grove,…The Grove,… where do you want do you think your to be? What is the employees are long term vision? aware of this Should there be goal? one?
  5. 5. Leadership
  6. 6. Let’s start marching to theSame Beat of the same drummer Start marching!!!!
  7. 7. Creating Engaged Employees Weekly meetings (every Friday 15 minutes before shift) Have a member of staff conduct the meeting This should occur for 2-3 months ◦ Discuss new promotions ◦ Sample soup du jour After trial period of meetings, ask the staff how they felt the meetings helped/hindered their progress
  8. 8. Organizational Policies Everyone received an informational handout when they were hired…but no one seems to have a copy or even knows what our policies are. Let’s work on creating brief company policies and job descriptions Let’s work together to set goals, both individual and for the company
  9. 9. Employee Culture/ Policies Are the employees empowered to make their own decisions? Analysis Paralysis ◦ Something as simple as ordering an extra roll…sometimes there is an upcharge, sometimes not ◦ Anniversary policy, birthday policy, they need to consistent and in writing! ◦ Even the shift managers do not know who is in charge of reducing labor costs per shift…
  10. 10. Decision Making ProcessOperational- Empower the employees to begin to make decisions are their ownTactical-Cross train more employees, clearly state what jobs they should be expected to learn, therefore if there is a staffing shortage an employee can be flexible and knowledgeable enough to fill in…Strategic-catering is a big plus, let’s look into trade shows for weddings and see how to get our name out there
  11. 11. Where to go from Here The Grove Take the time to develop and publish a business plan ◦ Maybe just a one line mission statement, or a detailed employee handbook ◦ Weekly meetings in order to involve and engage employees ◦ Small incentive plans to create employee goodwill Small adjustments can create big results
  12. 12. The Grove This is a strong restaurant with great history in a small town. A few small adjustments to the managerial style can create engaged employees. These engaged employees can help to build on the strong foundation that has already been painstakingly laid out by the dedicated owners. I believe that in just a few short weeks, many of these changes could result in many more years of success.