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3 aiesec way (me)


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Published in: Business, Education
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3 aiesec way (me)

  1. 1. What isWAY?
  2. 2. what makes an organization distinct fromothers based on: WHAT it is and HOW it doesthingsMANNERROAD
  3. 3. answers these questions :In what way dowe make thatimpactpossible?What is ourimpact?What weenvision?What is AIESEC?
  4. 4. What isAIESEC?
  5. 5. GlobalNot-for profitorganizationIndependentNon-politicalRun by students andrecent graduates ofinstitution of highereducation
  6. 6. ManagementWorldIssuesLeadershipAIESEC members are interested in...
  7. 7. AIESEC does notdiscriminateon the basis of:RaceColorGenderSexual orientationCreedReligionNationalEthnic or social origin
  8. 8. What weenvision?
  9. 9. We envision
  10. 10. What is ourimpact?
  11. 11. Our ImpactOur international platform– ENABLES –young people to explore and develop theirleadership potentialfor them to havea positive impact on society.
  12. 12. In what waydo we makethat impactpossible?
  13. 13. The Way We Do It
  14. 14. What are the main problemsof the world today?Can AIESEC solve it all?Or, at least some?
  15. 15. “Where’s the impact there?”Agindo na realcausa doproblema e nãoapenas nasconsequências
  16. 16. What are AIESECValues?
  18. 18. Activating LeadershipWe lead by example andinspire leadership throughaction and results. We takefull responsibility for our rolein developing the potential ofpeople.Our VALUES
  19. 19. Demonstrating IntegrityWe are consistent andtransparent in our decisionsand actions. We fulfill ourcommitments and conductourselves in a way that is trueto our identity.The AIESEC wayOur VALUES
  20. 20. Living DiversityWe seek to learn from thedifferent ways of life andopinions represented in ourmulticultural environment. Werespect and activelyencourage the contribution ofevery individual.The AIESEC wayOur VALUES
  21. 21. Enjoying ParticipationWe create a dynamicenvironment by active andenthusiastic participation ofindividuals. We enjoy beinginvolved in AIESEC.The AIESEC wayOur VALUES
  22. 22. Striving for ExcellenceWe aim to deliver the highestquality performance ineverything we do. Throughcreativity and innovation weseek to continuously improve.Our VALUES
  23. 23. Acting SustainablyWe act in a way that issustainable for ourorganization and society. Ourdecisions take into account theneeds of future generations.Our VALUES
  24. 24. Other ConsiderationsIn the InternationalCompendium, there aretwo more elements thatsupport us in describingAIESEC
  25. 25. 1. English is the sole officiallanguage of AIESEC
  26. 26. 2. The logo approved at thePresidential Meeting 1990 (HongKong) is the official logo ofAIESEC.
  27. 27. Our ActivitiesAIESEC WAYOur GoalsOur StrategyAIESEC Way Is The Center OfOur Organization Whatever wechoose, theAIESEC Waywill remainat thecenter.Acting as acompass toshape ourdecisionsGOLDENRULES