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The thin green line


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How are local organizations and community members working together to keep coal and oil export projects from developing?

Published in: Environment
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The thin green line

  1. 1. The Thin Green Line Resistance and Solutions
  2. 2. Grays Harbor (Rail America) – 5 MTPA Coos Bay (Mitsui, Metro Ports) – 10 MTPA St. Helens (Kinder Morgan) – 15 – 30 MTPA Port of Morrow (Ambe)- 9 MTPA
  3. 3. 15 15 Proposed coal route down “A” Street, Rainier, Oregon
  4. 4. 16
  5. 5. Massive Public Participation
  6. 6. Can the Northwest Thin Green Line Win the fight against Dirty Coal and Big Oil?
  7. 7. It’s not just coal headed our way: • Fracked “tight oil” from North Dakota - Bakken • Tar sands oil from Alberta
  8. 8. Photo courtesy Paul Anderson