Information literacy in Second Life


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This was presented at the 2009 CoFHE (Colleges of Further and Higher Education group of CILIP) conference, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, 19 June 2009. Additional notes have been added for this version. The presenters were: Sheila Webber (Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield); Vicki Cormie (Senior Academic Liaison Librarian at St Andrews University); Denny Colledge (Information Skills Librarian at Edinburgh University). The first part of the presentation briefly introduces SL and its use in education and for collaboration, then provides a few thoughts about supporting information literacy, finally indicating some tools and models for IL in SL. The second part of the presentation provides a snapshot of activity on the Edinburgh University SL campus and Denny Colledge's involvement. The actual presentation had a lot of demonstration of SL!

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Information literacy in Second Life

  1. 1. This was presented at the 2009 CoFHE conference, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, 19 June 2009. Additional notes have been added for this version. Information literacy in Second Life Sheila Webber, Vicki Cormie, Denny Colledge, CoFHE 2009
  2. 2. Sheila Yoshikawa This shows Vicki, Denny and Sheila meeting Sheffield University up with Marshall & Lyn to discuss a joint presentation earlier this year Sheila Yoshikawa. Ishbel Hartmann and Lulu Quinnell are Sheila, Maggie Vicki and Kohime Denny’s SL Lyn names Parker Ishbel Lulu Hartmann Quinnell St Andrews Pancha Enzyme University Marshall Dozier Edinburgh Vicki.cormie@st- University Denny.Colledge Pictures in slides 1-15 copyright Sheila Webber
  3. 3. Second Life • 3-D Online Digital world, owned by Linden Labs • Most things created by SL residents: SL fashion designers, architects, bakers, animal makers …. • Avatars- 3D representation of yourself – free to signup and can live on freebies, but need Linden dollars if want to own land, buy clothes etc. • Need to download SL browser & have good connection & graphics card • Communication through text chat, Voice and Instant Messaging • 40-80,000 people online simultaneously •
  4. 4. The next slide has snapshots of SL, showing examples of networking, collaborating and Continuous Professional Development. Clockwise from top right: 1. Focus group discussing librarians in SL; 2. One of Sheila’s students about to interview a Canadian student for an assignment 3. Vicki being the “inworld” leader for a “crossover” event. She and Marshall Dozier were at the SCONUL conference in real life, people there were asking questions of the people (inc. Sheila) who were in SL 4. All 3 of us watched a stream of the Oxford “Libraries of the future” conference, discussing the issues amongst ourselves in SL 5. Sheila is a member of the Educators Coop, a community of educators (mostly American) 6. Sheila, Vicki and Marshall discuss plans for the class with Sheila’s students, taking place next day
  5. 5. Collaboration, networking, CPD Sheila Webber, 2008
  6. 6. Virtual Hajj Education • Only 18+ on main grid: separate Teen grid • 90% UK universities with some presence • Many disciplines: English, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology etc. etc. • Role play, simulations “In Further Education colleges the picure is more • Discussion, communication sparse ...” Kirriemuir (2009) • Problem solving, inquiry
  7. 7. Supporting “real life” IL in SL • Raising awareness of RL tools (catalogue, databases etc.) & library service • Teaching people about IL, using SL objects, chat, PowerPoint etc • Answering IL-related questions (on the “reference desk”) • Using SL for quests and activities: learners solving information problems using web resources and SL • Using SL to provoke discussion & reflection about what information and IL mean • Working in partnership with librarians, academics, educational developers & technologists “The library has developed the island Solent Life 2. This is a library skills island …” Emery, in Kirriemuir (2009)
  8. 8. IL models & tools in SL • Complete models – more holistic understanding & examples • Tools/quizzes/information related to specific aspects of IL • Tools etc. related to specific library resources What approaches to teaching & learning are implied? How could the models and tools be used? What aspects of IL are covered most?
  9. 9. Model of the SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy, using the problem “Should we panic about bird flu?” for examples for each pillar – some of the content is student work. Model built by Sheila Webber/Yoshikawa
  10. 10. Showing how information is embedded through notecards which pop out when you click , and through web links (click the object to be offered a web link)
  11. 11. This is being adapted and developed into a build focusing on problems/questions about H1 N1 (Swine flu) see the section on the site if you are interested in this project This will be used to discuss the whole process of solving an information problem, as a focus for an information quest related to H1N1, for activities focusing on one particular pillar etc.
  12. 12. The library garden at the University of Nottingham includes numerous embedded notecards which explains parts of the research process
  13. 13. Knowhow island Example of activities on Knowhow Purple OR orange Island e.g. To help understand Boolean logic, to improve evaluation skills
  14. 14. Vicki gave examples of how St Andrews University is using Second Life. She has been working with the Management school and Computing Science, and has also developed a library space to showcase St Andrews’ special collections. They were moving islands at the time of the presentation, so there are no pictures relating to this, here.
  15. 15. Links to websites, articles, tutorials, videos, and places in Second Life: (Topics: Education in SL and Libraries/Librarians in SL: all the other links will be found there) Adventures of Yoshikawa (Sheila’ SL blog): Information Literacy Weblog: Infolit iSchool (Sheffield University island) wiki: Infolit iSchool: Vue: Kirriemuir, J. (2009) The Spring 2009 snapshot of virtual world use. Virtualworldwatch. Snapshot-of-Virtual-World-Use-in-UK-Higher-and-Further-Education
  16. 16. Getting a (Second) Life Denny Colledge (Lulu Quinnell)
  17. 17. Why am I in SL? What is happening at the University of Edinburgh?
  18. 18. Why am I in SL? Tutors on the MSc in E-learning, including Denny
  19. 19. Holyrood Park, part of Edinburgh University’s archipeligo, Vue
  20. 20. Pancha Enzyme and Lulu Quinnell
  21. 21. The end of semester party! People in virtual communities do just about everything people do in real life, but we leave our bodies behind.” (Rheingold 1994)
  22. 22. This is the prototype for the “IS (Information Services) Cream” van to support SL learners with information services on the SL beach ...
  23. 23. Virtual Campus for the University of Edinburgh Vue Balloon Tour
  24. 24. Denny Colledge (Lulu Quinnell)