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Developing profiles for the                            information literacy professional                      a project of...
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Developing profiles for the information literacy professional


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Developing profiles for the information literacy professional

  1. 1. Developing profiles for the information literacy professional a project of IFLA’s Information Literacy Section Sheila Webber, Sheffield University Information School Aim To develop a set of profiles for the Information Literacy Professional (ILP) Information Literacy Profiles for different sectors and developed in different languages to suit local needs professional? Purposes This means anyone who has Help people writing/revising job descriptions or putting together a case for an IL professional Aid planning for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) IL-related activities as a key Help in the work of establishing the importance of IL and core part of his or her job. The actual job title will vary. Differences in parent Different IL needs Information Literacy & Director of Research organisations e.g. and issues in Learning Librarian Instruction different education different sectors systems Sectors Different cultural, economic, political and Why not just Languages International &social issues which may one profile? national guidelines impact LIS sector Lau, J. (2006) Even where language the Guidelines on Differences in library and IL Countries “same”, differences in linguistic information literacy usage, education etc. for lifelong associations Different learning. The Hague: IFLA qualification To be used, profiles need Association of College and Research Libraries routes for library & to be in local language & What kinds of Millet, M.S. (2007) information terminology Information Literacy professionals evidence? Coordinator. In: Shontz, P.K. and Books Murray, R.A. (Eds.) A day in the life: career Process: options in library and inclusive development identify relevant documents and other evidence; team information science. Westport, CT: leaders for different countries/ sectors; hold face to face and virtual Libraries Unlimited. pp.140-143 workshops & use online tools to generate ideas, draft and refine the profiles. Face to face and virtual Target for profile set is the IFLA Conference August 2014 meetings Team includes End product for each profile Sheila Webber, UK Document outlining what the skills, knowledge and Antonio Calderón Rehecho, attitudes of the ILP might be and what Presentations, Spain education/CPD for the ILP could look like Job descriptions social media Agnès Colnot, France Plus richer evidence about what being an IL Research, articles Eva Hornung, Ireland Professional can mean & a dynamic online resource as a focal point for further development under the aegis of the IFLA Information Literacy Section Go to the project blog at or leave a comment here “Day in the Life of a School Librarian” Slideshare: Senga White: The international information literacy logo: International Federation of Library and Information Associations and Sheila Webber, March 2013 Institutions Information Literacy Section: