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Kean app


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Kean app

  2. 2. Introducing Kean Tower App Kean Tower App will be part of the current Kean mobile application. When you click on the Tower App, a full length menu will show with the different categories of Kean Tower
  3. 3. Why Kean Tower App With Kean Tower app, students can easily access the school’s newspaper and stay informed more effectively. The Tower includes the top stories happening on campus as well as the latest student information The app includes: top stories, sports, weather, entertainment, events, cl assified and archive.
  4. 4. Top Stories Top stories will include campus alerts and breaking news This will quickly notify students if something major is happening on campus and bring light to any major issues
  5. 5. Sports Sports is always important to those who keep track of games and scores The sports section in this app will help students follow game scores as they are happening and along with past games highlight and future game schedules
  6. 6. Weather Student will be able to know what the weather is going to be like on campus in preparation for classes The weather app will highlight any major weather alerts and how we can take better precautions on the road and traffic reports
  7. 7. Entertainment The entertainment section of this app will include the media department and give reports on students’ performances In addition, theatrical performance will also be brought to light and a schedule will be provided
  8. 8. Events If any clubs or groups on campus have activities occurring, you can quickly know by the event tab Besides scheduling, this part of the app will provide reviews for past events and post ads for upcoming events
  9. 9. Classified This classified section will post jobs that are available on campus along with work study This will help students find job availability easily on campus rather than running around to different dept. asking for application forms
  10. 10. Archive/Search In this part of the app, past articles can be quickly achieved by searching through the different categories, titles or simply by date
  11. 11. Why it’s important to the Comm. Dept. This app is important to the communication department simply because technology is advancing and we must keep up with times In addition, this will enhance “Blue goes Green” or “Going Green” campaigns More and more students will become aware of campus news faster than before