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Bean swiss club presentation


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Bean swiss club presentation

  1. 1. BEAN Presentation for Swiss Club Shanghai
  2. 2. BEAN• “There is more to life.”• Community outreach organization, registered Chinese charity with 3,500 members, the majority of whom are Chinese. Over 1000% growth in three years.• Volunteer-run. No one on salary.
  3. 3. What kinds of work does BEAN do?• Service Projects: migrant schools and community centers, foster homes, orphanages, elderly care centers, centers for the disabled, centers for animals, environmental projects, occasional partnering with other charity groups on specific events.• Community-Building: social events to bring people together and fundraising for our projects.
  4. 4. What is BEAN’s ethos?• Volunteer needs are equally as important as charity needs.• What we promise volunteers: no language requirements, free, hands-on, no hassle, GREAT EVENTS.• What we promise charities: confidentiality, respect their wishes, bring our own supplies, mentor/support them, GREAT EVENTS.• What we get for that: loyal volunteers and charity partners.
  5. 5. How much was donated?• Over 4,000 RMB• Thank you on behalf of the charities you supported for providing them with much- needed supplies!
  6. 6. Where did it go? Part 1 Games for Sunshine Home 1056.10 RMB
  7. 7. What is Sunshine Home?
  8. 8. Where did it go? Part 2 Diapers for Orphanage 990 RMB
  9. 9. What kinds of orphanages does BEAN work with?
  10. 10. Where did it go? Part 3 Books for Compassion for Migrant Children 1080 RMB
  11. 11. What is CMC?
  12. 12. Where did it go? Part 4 Diapers for Orphanage 990 RMB
  13. 13. Why is donating money so hard?• Accountability/Due Diligence/Checks and Balances – comprehensive process, even when working with our direct partners• TIME – For example, this project took 50+ hours.• Many groups want access for cash – Why is that illegal? What are the ethical boundaries?
  14. 14. To Find Out MoreIf you’d like to get involved on your own, you’rewelcome to join us at!