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Big data and learning analytics altc2 2012 smn


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Intro slides for Big Data and Learning Analytics symposium, ALT-C 2012 conference

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Big data and learning analytics altc2 2012 smn

  1. 1. Confronting Big Data and Learning Analytics ALT-C 2012 Sheila MacNeill Assistant Director
  2. 2. Big data and analytics in education Shift from data collecting to data connecting Develop data informed mind–sets Integration of multiple (structured and unstructured) data sources Management and use of real-time data (( analytics-in-education-and-learning/)
  3. 3. JISC Cetis view of the landscape
  4. 4. Analytics Reconnoitre Practical guidance of/for uses of analytics Who, why, what, where, when and how Audience: first movers and early adopters Topics: whole institutional issues, research, teaching and learning, legal and ethical issues, skills & literacies, professional development, technology and infrastructure