Analytics changing the learning landscape workshops 21 april 2013


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Analytics changing the learning landscape workshops 21 april 2013

  1. 1. AnalyticsWho, what, why, where when? Sheila MacNeill, Jisc CETIS
  2. 2. What?• "Analytics is the process of developing actionable insights through problem definition and the application of statistical models and analysis against existing and/or simulated future data." (Adam Cooper, 2012)
  3. 3. Its all about the data Well, not quite
  4. 4. Who?• Analytics by our definition is much more about a personal and organisational perspective on using data for decision-making and action- planning and less about how it is processed in a computer; evaluating, planning and doing are human activities. (Cetis Analytics Series)
  5. 5. What is Analytics Paper? Cetis, 2012
  6. 6. Our starting points
  7. 7. InstitutionalReadiness for Analytics for theAnalytics Whole Institution; Balancing StrategyThe Implications of and TacticsAnalytics for Teaching Practice in Higher Analytics for LearningEducation and Teaching  Infrastructure and Overview Analytics forTools for Analytics Big issues Understanding Research History & context What is Analytics? Practice Legal, Risk and Ethical Aspects ofDefinition and Technology Analytics in HigherEssential EducationCharacteristicsA Framework ofCharacteristics forAnalyticsA Brief History of Analytics, what is changing and why does it matter?Analytics
  8. 8. Group discussions and feedback What (why)? What does your institution collect data for ?Individually write as many examples as youcan think of on post-it notes ( 2 minutes)In groups try to cluster (teaching & learning,research, admin/management) ( 5 mins)
  9. 9. Group discussions and feedback Where, when (how)? Go back to you data pointswhere, when (how) is this data collected?(5 mins)
  10. 10. Group discussions and feedback Who and how? Who (what) collects and does "something"with the data?Who can access the data?When can they/you access it and in whatformat?(10 mins)
  11. 11. Group discussions and feedback What? What else could be done with it?can you see any potential connectionsbetween the data collection points youhave shared?
  12. 12. Links and Resources • -Cetis Analytics Series•• - Unesco Policy b•• SoLAR• (@sheilmcn)