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I Want to Use Your Collections, CHIM Forum


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Presentation for Catholic University's Cultural Heritage Information Management Forum, 2015

Published in: Education
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I Want to Use Your Collections, CHIM Forum

  1. 1. I Want to Use Your Collections! Sheila A. Brennan Associate Director of Public Projects @sherah1918
  2. 2. I built it. No one came.
  3. 3. ID Audiences Primary Audiences for •Tourists visiting the National Mall with mobile devices •Hometown tourists, bringing family/friends from out of town to the Mall •DC Interns •Secondary Audiences •History enthusiasts not on the Mall •Public historians
  4. 4. Create Personas SI Learning Lab,
  5. 5. Design for All
  6. 6. Mobiles?
  7. 7. Symbols Matter
  8. 8. Test Histories of the National Mall:
  9. 9. Ask
  10. 10. Open Content National Gallery of Art,
  11. 11. Infrastructure that Keeps on Giving Cooper-Hewitt Labs:
  12. 12. Collections as Data
  13. 13. Te Papa’s Digital Principles
  14. 14. APIs Don’t Have to be Hard
  15. 15. Discovery is not only about Search Rijks Museum,
  16. 16. Share for Reuse
  17. 17. Let others Build
  18. 18. Don’t do This
  19. 19. Thank you! Sheila A. Brennan Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media @sherah1918