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How to Celebrate World Polio Day


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Ideas and links for you to create your event for October 24.

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How to Celebrate World Polio Day

  1. 1. HOWTOCELEBRATE WORLDPOLIODAY One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio 24 October
  3. 3. Develop a WPD team Committee Chair Social Media Website Videos/Photos WHERE TO START
  4. 4. Rotary resources online  day Find an event Register an event HOW TO START PLANNING WPD
  5. 5. Search rld-polio-day to see if there is an event in your area Offer to partner with other clubs. If no event register your own! FIND AN EVENT
  7. 7. Download World Polio Day resources at:  How to Celebrate  Invite Template  Rotary and Polio  Sample Press Release  Social Meda  WPD Proclamation HOW TO START PLANNING WPD
  9. 9. EVENT IDEAS Bingo Night Fundraiser with Polio and Rotary related questions Corporate bed race fundraiser to raise awareness.
  10. 10. HOST AN EVENT  Invite local media, officials, and leaders to introduce them to Rotary.  Dedicate a club meeting to World Polio Day and update your website with the event details.  Create a fundraising or community event. Every $1 raised is matched 2- to-1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  11. 11. HOST A VIEWING PARTY Visit the Rotary International Facebook page to RSVP to the Online Global Update. Share this Facebook event with your network: #endpolio LIVE Stream on TV from Facebook
  14. 14. Email or call local reporters and pitch a story about World Polio Day and your club’s contributions to the effort. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the importance of ending polio. Send it to the op-ed or editorial features editor for consideration. Write your government officials asking for their continued support of polio eradication efforts. WRITE
  15. 15.  Share the sample social media posts on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Use the #endpolio hashtag to follow and join the global conversation on social media.  Follow End Polio Now on Facebook and Twitter.  Update your Facebook cover photo and Twitter avatar, using the graphics provided.  Use Brand Center to create a People of Action End Polio Now social media post that promotes your club’s local events. SHARE
  16. 16. Register your World Polio Day event with Rotary: Register your World Greatest Meal event with WGM: REGISTER AN EVENT
  17. 17. What is the People of Action campaign?
  18. 18. What is the People of Action campaign?
  19. 19. 9/30/19 – Public Image Plan due 10/24/19 – World Polio Day 2/23/20 – Rotary’s 115th anniversary 3/31/2020 – PI Citation requirements must be met 4/17/2020 – PI Citation due 5/15/20 – Club video contest submission due Rotary monthly observances • > member center > resources & references > calendar IMPORTANT DATES
  20. 20.  August – Membership & New Club Development Month  September – Basic Education & Literacy Month  October – Economic & Community Development Month  November – Rotary Foundation Month  December – Disease Prevention & Treatment Month  January – Vocational Service Month  February – Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month  March – Water & Sanitation Month  April – Maternal & Child Health Month  May – Youth Service Month  June – Rotary Fellowships Month ROTARY MONTHLY OBSERVANCES
  21. 21. Zone PI Team / District Leadership Rotary Brand Center POA Campaign Stock images Templates Logos Event resources Rotary Showcase District training / Zone webinars OTHER RESOURCES
  22. 22.
  23. 23. QUESTIONS???