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Infographic NCDD Created for Text Talk Act


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Here's the infographic NCDD's Andy Fluke created for the December 2013 Text Talk Act project. Text Talk Act is an experiment in combining thick and thin forms of public engagement. Part of Creating Community Solutions and the National Dialogue on Mental Health, TTA melded the fun and convenience of texting with the irreplaceable value of face-to-face dialogue. More at

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Infographic NCDD Created for Text Talk Act

  1. 1. Text , Talk , Act a project of ER, T EXT-E NABLE D FO R TH E FIR ST-EV JOIN US ME NTAL HEALT H! CONV ERSAT ION ON TG S U C T ONGOINH RTHRDEJAN530H IT’STS EASY! EASY! I TLK ACT T X T “start” to 89800 (Standard rates may apply.) Talk in groups of 4 to 5 people about the issues presented. WHAT ISS THIS? ? HI S T I WH T Across the country, people will get together for one-hour, small group conversations on mental health. Each group will have polling questions, discussion topics facilitation suggestions delivered to them via text message. [ [[ [ TXT TXK T TL T XT LK TA C T Be part of the change! WHY DO IT? [ [ ALT CK T ACT Mental health is one of the most critical and misunderstood public issues we face. Let’s have a candid dialogue to think about actions we can each take to strengthen mental health on our campuses in our communities. W HY DO I T? @MentalHealthCCS #TEXTTALKACT SIGN UP NOW! w textt alkac t We respect your privacy and will not save or share your personal information.