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The colonies of asia


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This ppt is for 5th grade colonization of Asia. It talks about the colonization of India by England, the Portuguese in Malaka, Malaysia, and the Dutch on Java Island.

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The colonies of asia

  1. 1. Colonies in Asia
  2. 2. ??? Guiding Questions ???Which mother countries colonized inAsia?How did they trade with the natives?Where did they make theirheadquarters?What were the causes of the SepoyRevolt?
  3. 3. The English in IndiaSince the Portuguese andDutch dominate in the EastIndies, the English focustheir efforts in India.The East India Company isestablished. This companywas set up to trade andmake money.However, it also had it’s ownarmy (with forts) andcontrolled large areas ofland.
  4. 4. ControlThe native Indian armies were easilydefeated because of internal fighting andthe English had better weapons andtrainingThe company hires local Indians to besoldiers, but there were not treated well,and their education of their families wasnot taken seriously
  5. 5. Indian TradeIndian products (likecloth) had to be soldonly back to England--with a huge tax.Products brought fromEngland did not havean added tax, so theyare cheaper!This knocks the Indianweavers out ofbusiness, leads towidespreadunhappiness andrevolt!
  6. 6. The Sepoy Revolt of 1857Causes: Indians were worried about forced conversion to Christianity Indians were not paid well or promoted regularly Indians forced to work in faraway countries Rifle cartridges were greased with pig and cow fat (which was offensive to both Muslims and Hindus) 100 years of oppressive English rule
  7. 7. The Sepoy Revolt of 1857A “sepoy” is an Indian solier serving a europeanpowerThe sepoys unite against the English bydeclaring loyalty to an Indian Emporer andprinting new moneyMany thousands die during this year of turmoilThis revolt served to unite the various peoples ofIndia against the English
  8. 8. Transitions…Because of the revolt, the East India Company isdissolved and the English crown officially takescontrol over all India.The English then start building railroads, courts,factories, schools, universities.Through education, the Indians learn aboutdemocracyChristian missionaries arrive and attempt toconvert the local peoples.
  9. 9. Other Asian Colonies…Portuguese based theirEast India Company inMalaka, Malaysia (untilthe Dutch stole it fromthem!)The Dutch made theirEast India Companyheadquarters in Bataviaon Java Island. Theyexplored and colonizedall around present dayAustralia and NewZealand.
  10. 10. ??? Do you remember ???Which mother countriescolonized in Asia?How did they trade with thenatives?Where did they make theirheadquarters?What were the causes of theSepoy Revolt?