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  1. 1. Sound
  2. 2. Decibel: a unit for measuringthe loudness of sounds.
  3. 3. Amplify: to make a soundlouder
  4. 4. Frequency: the speed atwhich something vibrates.High-frequency vibrations arerapid vibrations.
  5. 5. Hertz: the unit of frequencyequal to one vibration persecond.
  6. 6. Inner, Middle, Outer Ear
  7. 7. Oscilloscope: an instrumentused to measure thefrequencies of sounds.
  8. 8. Pitch: how high or low asound is
  9. 9. Sound receiver: somethingthat detects sound.
  10. 10. Sound source: an object ormaterial that vibrates in a waythat makes sound.
  11. 11. Tension: the degree to whicha material has been stretched.
  12. 12. Tune: to adjust the musicalpitch.
  13. 13. Vibration: a rapid back-and-forth movement.