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Google earth with 07+ 03df+coll

  2. 2. INDEX Google earth History of google earth KML gallery Terms of use Earth imagery GPS devise Sky mode applications
  3. 3. Google Earth is much more than just a mappingsoftware. Its a tool for viewing, creating andsharing location-specific information which canbe explored in an interactive and visuallyintuitive interface.
  4. 4. History of Google earthIt’s a program by NASAMapping software
  5. 5. KML Gallery: Explore the Earth on Google1) Google Earth is a geographicbrowser2) KML Gallery
  6. 6. About Google Earth KML The basic version of the software is freely available on Googles website for download. KML files are specially formatted files for Google Earth that containsdata to allow them to be viewed in the Google Earth desktopapplication. With Google Earth you can now download KML files from web site. There are two types of KML filesavailable:
  7. 7. Rising SeaLevelAnimation
  8. 8. View of dahanu
  9. 9. Terms of useWorld Wind covers Earth, Moon, Mars,Venus, Jupiter and Sloan digital skysurvey while Google Earth focuses onthe Earth and spaceThrough add-ons it is possible to addadditional Worlds to World Wind.
  10. 10. Well if you have already relished TajMahal, with your living eyes, then thispost is not for you!
  11. 11. On October 13, 2000, the Expedition 3 crew of theInternational Space Station, high over Tibet, took thisinteresting photo of the Brahmaputra River. This mightyAsian river carves a narrow west-east valley between theTibetan Plateau to the north and the HimalayaMountains to the south, as it rushes eastward for morethan 1500 km in southwestern China.
  12. 12. Earth imagery what the Earth currently looks like.Google Earth is more complete.
  13. 13. Image Storage World Wind Google Earth stores its imagery in alocked file of upto 2Gb in size.
  14. 14. GPS Device NASA World Wind has several plug-ins forGPS devices.1) GPS Tracker (Included)2) GPS2WorldWind3) GPS
  15. 15. Google earth street view
  16. 16. SKY MODEversion 4.2, released August 22, 2007, GoogleskyDr. Alberto Conti and his co-developer Dr. CaroChristianNewly Hubble pictures
  17. 17. Google Earth in Sky Viewing Mode inWindows Vista
  18. 18. Google Earth showscows point norththis story from the Los AngelesTimes indicating a "hidden cowpower."Turns out cows may have internalcompasses much like birds andbees do for orienting themselves tomagnetic north.
  19. 19. When you first load GE you have a wealth of informationavailable at your fingertips.Thousands of aerial and satellite photos, dozens of layers ofinformation:Once students prepare their own content, GE can be usedto present their work - or even share their work with theworld.
  20. 20. it is use by many offices liketelecom companyto make there network map
  21. 21. APPLICATIONIndian network operator LifeStyleNetworksSkyPilot recently announced itsSkyControl with Google Earth mappingservice.
  22. 22. used IN satelliteimageGoogle Earth displays satellite images ofvarying resolution of the Earths surface,allowing users to visually see things likehouses and cars from a birds eye view. Thedegree of resolution available is basedsomewhat on the points of interest, but mostland (except for some islands) is covered inat least 15 meters of resolution
  23. 23. GEO EYEGeoEye-1—the world’shighest resolutioncommercial earth-imagingsatellite.GeoEye-1 will be equippedwith the most sophisticatedtechnology ever used in acommercial satellite system.
  24. 24. By Andrea Shalal-EsaWASHINGTON, Sept 6(Reuters) - GeoEye Incsaid it successfullylaunched into space onSaturday its newGeoEye-1 satellite,which will provide theU.S. government,Google Earth users andothers the highest-resolution commercialcolor satellite imagery onthe market.GeoEye-1 will be able tocapture images at .41 metres(16 inches) resolution inblack and white and 1.65metres (5.5 feet) in color, butunder current governmentrules, the company can onlyoffer the public half-metre(1.64 feet) images.
  25. 25. To detect any nuclear test is going inany country
  26. 26. AntWeb in Google Earth Step One: DownloadGoogle Earth.Step Two: Start upGoogle Earth andenjoy the scenery.
  27. 27. Step Three: Add AntWebs ants bygoing to the "Add" menu and choosing"Network Link":
  28. 28. Google Earth ProFor professional and commercial uses With Google Earth Pro, it’s easy to research locations and present your discoveries.In just a few clicks, you can import site plans, property lists or client sites and share the view with your client or colleague. You can even export high-quality images to documents or the web. Want to see it in action
  29. 29.  Represent your location-based datausing 3D drawing tools. Useful for many industries
  30. 30.  Google Earth is a powerfulvisual tool Students can also use GoogleEarth to explore topicsUSE IN EDUCATION
  31. 31. For Educators Google Earth, Googles satellite imagery-based mappingproduct puts the whole world on a students computer. Itenables users to "fly" from space to street level to findgeographic information and explore places around theworld. Like a video game and a search engine rolled intoone, Earth is basically a 3D model of the entire planet thatlets you grab, spin and zoom down into any place on Earth.Now, with Google Earth 4.3, you can tour distant cities withGoogle StreetView, view photo-realistic 3D buildings, andeven show your students sunset around the world with thenew Sunlight feature.
  32. 32. In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in GoEarthEver since Google first let peoplescour the planet from the comfort oftheir computers through the GoogleEarth software program, fans havebeen on a virtual scavenger hunt fromthe North Pole to the South Polelooking for anything interesting,unusual, or unexplained. Fromshipwrecks to crop circles, from adsbig enough to be read from space to agiant pink bunny nearly the size of afootball field, weve collected just alittle of the odd and spectacularsights. You can see the same imagesin Google Maps by clicking the linkswe provide--but youll get a betterview by copying the coordinates inparentheses after each link andpasting them into Google Earths FlyTo box. Weve also created a file ofPlacemarks that includes all of thesesights and more; you can download itand open it with Google Earth. Enjoythe trip! Artwork: Chip Taylor
  33. 33. Eye Candy with the Sun The release of Google earth version4.0 Sun icon with 3D viewer
  34. 34. Eye Candy with the Sun