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Art Objectives Practice Test


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Published in: Education
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Art Objectives Practice Test

  1. 1. 7th Grade Visual ArtObjectives
  2. 2. 1. Which of these is usedto fire Ceramics pottery?• A. a kiln• B. a glaze• C. a press• D. a palette •Answer: •A. a kiln
  3. 3. 2. What design principle isillustrated when theelements of a picture drawthe viewer’s eye to aspecific focal point?• A. harmony• B. center of interest• C. variety• D. contrast Answer: B. Center of interest
  4. 4. 3. In drawing, what is apoint moving across asurface which leaves amark called?• A. Shape• B. line• C. mass -------------------------------------• D. form Answer: B. line
  5. 5. 4. How should a paintbrushbe stored after washing?• A. handle down; bristles up• B. bristles down; handle up• C. bristles down in water• D. in tightly closed containerAnswer:A. Handle down; bristles up
  6. 6. 5. Look at the artworkbelow. This art work isrepresentative of whattime period?• A. Egyptian• B. Roman• C. Prehistoric• D. Middle Ages Answer: A. Egyptian
  7. 7. 6. An artist can make anobject appear three-dimensional by usingwhich of the following?• A. Balance• B. Shading• C. Symbol• D. Repetition Answer: B. Shading
  8. 8. 7. How should you carry sharp objects such as scissors and x-acto knives?• A. walk while gripping sharp end• B. run with sharp objects• C. walk with sharp end pointed down• D. walk with sharp object pointing at your friend Answer: C. Walk with sharp end pointed down
  9. 9. 8. Patty and Phillip only have enoughmoney to buy three colors of paint, butthey want to be able to make everypossible color on the color wheel.Which three colors should they buy?• A. Red, yellow, and violet• B. Violet, blue, and green• C. Orange blue, and red• D. Red, yellow, and blue Answer:
  10. 10. 9. Which term associatedwith visual art is alsoassociated with music?• A. Value• B. Rhythm• C. Perspective• D. Center of interestAnswer:B. Rhythm
  11. 11. 10. Which of these is mostoften used as a transparentpainting medium?• A. Tempera• B. Water color• C. Oil• D. Acrylics Answer: B. Water color
  12. 12. 11. In this attempt to draw water, which principles of design are used?• A. Center of interest and balance• B. Contrast and variety• C. Rhythm and repetition• D. Center of interest and variety Answer: C. Rhythm and repetition
  13. 13. 12. Look at the drawings below, then answer the following question.• What differs most in these two vases?• A. Value• B. Form Answer: Form• C. Shape• D. Surface texture
  14. 14. 13. Look at the picture below, then answer this question.• The painted hide shield above is an example of which cultural tradition?• A. Asian• B. European• C. Native American• D. Hispanic Answer: C. Native American
  15. 15. 14. Which design principle relies on contrast and difference in the elements of art?• A. Harmony• B. Variety• C. Repetition• D. Balance Answer: Variety
  16. 16. 15. Which drawing is the best example of symmetrical balance? A. B. C. D.Answer: C.
  17. 17. 16. In the below painting, which principle of design is represented by the black dot surrounded by the spiral?• A. Center of interest• B. Shape• C. Contrast• D. Rhythm Answer: A. Center of interest
  18. 18. 17.What is a tour guidein a museum called?• A. gallery director• B. docent• C. collections attendant• D. artist Answer: B. docent
  19. 19. 18. Perspective and foreshortening were developed in which historical period?• A. Renaissance• B. Ancient Roman• C. Baroque• D. Ancient Egyptian• Answer:• Renaissance
  20. 20. 19. Look at the artwork below. Thefruit in the painting is sitting on atable. How does the artist createthe illustration that the objects arethree-dimensional?• A. By the shape of the objects• B. By the balance of the objects• C. By the use of overlapping objects.• D. By the use of texturing objects.• Answer: A. By the shape of the objects.
  21. 21. 20. Publishing companies often employ artists. What kind of artist would most likely be a part of a newspaper publishing staff?• A. Graphic designer• B. Architect• C. Weaver• D. Sculptor Answer: Graphic Designer
  22. 22. 21. What is the difference instyle between the twodrawings?• A. #1 is more abstract than #2• B. #2 is more abstract than #1• C. #2 is more 1. 2. representative than #1• D. #2 depends on value 1. 2. and contrast more than #1• Answer: B #2 is more abstract than #1
  23. 23. 22. Which drawing shows an equal distribution of positive and negative space?A. B. C. D.• Answer: D
  24. 24. 23. Look at the drawing.In the drawing, what typeof shape is used?• A. Geometric• B. Organic• C. Angular• D. overlapping• Answer:• B. Organic
  25. 25. 24. Which would most likelybe used in creating a collage?• A. Pastels, crayons, brushes• B. Clay, slip, and glaze• C. Glue, fabric, photographs• D. Pens, brushes, paper• Answer:• C. Glue, fabric, photographs
  26. 26. 25. Which drawing usesoverlapping shapes toillustrate three dimensions?• A. B. C. D.• Answer: C.
  27. 27. 26. What tools would apainter most likely use?• A. palette and brush• B. chisel and hammer• C. Wire and sponge• D. Wood and roller• Answer:• A. palette and brush
  28. 28. 27. Someone who has acareer as a graphic designerwould most likely createwhich of the following?• A. a city park• B. a line of clothing• C. a billboard• D. a school• Answer: a billboard
  29. 29. 28. Which type of visual artistwould contribute most to atheater performance?• A. Lead actor• B. Playwright• C. Sound technician• D. Costume designer• Answer:• D. Costume designer
  30. 30. 29. Which art methoduses ink and brayer?• A. drawings• B. paintings• C. ceramics• D. printmaking• Answer:• D. printmaking
  31. 31. 30. In carving a three-dimensional form whichmethod is used?• A. printmaking• B. drawing• C. sculpture• D. mosaic• Answer:• C. sculpture
  32. 32. 31. In this drawing, which element of design has been used to vary the value of light and dark?• A. line• B. space• C. form• D. shape• Answer:• A. line
  33. 33. 32. Which painting technique used small dots of color rather than traditional brush strokes?• A. Realism• B. Expressionism• C. Surrealism• D. PointillismAnswer:D. Pointillism
  34. 34. 33. These drawings were made by two different artists. Which elements differ the most?• A. shape and line• B. texture and line• C. balance and unity• D. contrast and dominance• Answer:• A. shape and line
  35. 35. 34. Which element of a work of art can be assessed by touch?• A. texture• B. line• C. color• D. value• Answer:• A. texture
  36. 36. 35. Which art movement occurred during the 14th and 15th centuries and signaled a rebirth in art?• A. Cubism• B. Renaissance• C. Abstract• D. Impressionism• Answer:• B. Renaissance
  37. 37. 36. Which of the followingis an artistic contributionof ancient Greek culture?• A. pyramids• B. cave painting• C. hieroglyphics• D. architecture• Answer:• architecture
  38. 38. 37. Which of the following best describes the subject of non-object art?• A. landscapes• B. people and animal• C. still life and studies• D. shapes and colors• Answer:• Shapes and colors
  39. 39. 38. Look at the picture below, then answer the question.40. What contributes mostto the expressive quality ofthe picture?A. Lack of perspectiveB. Contrast in valueC. Elongated figuresD. Asymmetrical balanceAnswer:
  40. 40. -example of elongated figure from Renaissance period by El Greco• Notice the elongated neck and hands
  41. 41. 39. Why do NativeAmerican artists use eaglefeathers in their artwork?A. They are easy to find.B. They are colorful.C. They are used in collages.D. They are a symbolic partof their culture.Answer:D. They are a symbolic part of their culture.
  42. 42. 40. Which of the followingbest describes the mediumof pastels?A. Colored pencilsB. GlazesC. PaintsD. Colored chalksAnswer:D. Colored chalks
  43. 43. 41.Which materials arebest used for fine-linedrawing?A. WatercolorsB. Pen and inkC. Oil paintsD. PastelsAnswer:B. Pen and ink
  44. 44. 42. An animator wouldmost likely work in whichfield of art?A. FilmB. SculptingC. Fabric designD. Still photographyAnswer:A. Film
  45. 45. 43. Which drawing showsthe most variety? A. B. C. D.Answer:B.