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Nursheha Mohd Hadzri Pre Assignment Article Review


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Nursheha Mohd Hadzri Pre Assignment Article Review

  1. 1. Article Review Assignment (due date week 4 meeting) Name: Nursheha Binti Mohd Hadzri ID Number 2013780645 Title of Article : Primary school teachers’ views about pupil control ideologies and classroom management styles Name of the journal: Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences Volume : 4 Page number : 157-167 Year Publish : 2009 1. Overview This journal is study about different classroom management styles. There are four-category classroom management styles which are authoritarian, authoritative, laissez-faire and indifferent. The determination of the present study is to define the connection between primary school teacher’s views about pupil control ideologies and classroom management styles. As we know, good classroom management is very important to create better study environment. In addition classroom management skills are related with pupil achievement. Based on the current issues good classroom management had been measured in creating an effective learning environment. Classroom management skills by teachers are one of the main important elements of classroom management styles. Other than that, teachers skills possibly will be based by theirs educational background, self-efficiency perceptions in different fields, individual and professional values and perspectives about education, people and teaching. Classroom management styles are related with pupils control in classroom via teacher. This article used the Survey Model study try to answer the research questions, and also descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation analysis were used as data analysis. From the four-category classroom management styles, the author said that primary teachers shown authoritarian classroom management style as
  2. 2. their common style. The decision is followed by authoritative, laissez-faire and indifferent classroom management styles. Regarding to this article, the findings show that primary school teachers are nearer to custodial control ideology such as strict control, enforcement of orders, one way downward communication, and distrust towards pupils, cruel punishments and taking undisciplined behavior as personal offences. The author also said that there is a correlation and sensible between custodial control and authoritarian classroom management styles. The findings of study shown that the more the custodial control ideology of participants follows, the more the authoritative classroom management styles are detected. 2. Description of methodology 3. Evaluation 4. Discussion of implications