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complete analysis of the product

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  3. 3. About Kellogg’s<br /> The brand was launched for the first time in September 1994 in India. <br />100 years old company.<br />Founded in 1906 in Michigan.<br /> Has been a global company committed to be a leader in producing nutritious food products of superior value. <br />Kellogg’s cornflake was first introduced in 1898.<br />The company started its first international expansion in year 1914. <br />Today the same product is marketed in more than 180 countries and has manufacturing facilities in 19 countries. <br />
  4. 4. Kellogg’s Indian Entry<br /> In 1990 many multinationals entered Indian market to tap the growing urban population willing to invest in changing the eating habits of Indians. <br />
  5. 5. Opportunity for Kellogg’s<br />Kellogg’s saw it as an excellent opportunity.<br />Initially in 1994 they started offering cornflakes, wheat flakes and Basmati Rice flakes.<br />Products:<br /><ul><li>cornflakes,
  6. 6. wheat flakes,
  7. 7. rice flakes,
  8. 8. cereal barn,
  9. 9. frozen wafers and
  10. 10. snack food, </li></li></ul><li>
  11. 11. What is Kellogg’s special K?<br />Special K is a lightly toasted breakfast cereal manufactured by the Kellogg’s Company.<br /> It is made primarily from rice and wheat. <br />It is marketed primarily as a low-fat cereal that can be eaten to help one lose weight.<br />
  12. 12. About The Product<br />It’s a multigrain cereal of oats, corn and wheat flakes balanced with natural carbohydrates and vitamin.<br />It enrich the daily diet with protein and fiber.<br />The product is positioned as weight management product.<br />It helps in reducing the weight in an easy and faster way.<br />Available in Eight main flavors.<br />
  13. 13. Social: <br />Markets:<br />The primary target for this product variant, is Indian housewives.<br />The product is positioned as weight management product. <br />Highly Profitable segment base.<br />Network of Kellogg’s is very strong and limited to upmarket outlets and departmental store, which is where its key consumer shops. <br />Has a market of $ 1.5 billion . <br />
  14. 14. Market Strategy<br />Regional Benefits<br />Psychological Benefits <br />Combination of Rational <br />And Psychological Benefits <br />USP of the brand <br />
  15. 15. Class:<br />Working class/ Business class<br />Sec-A.<br />Metro cities.<br />Reference Group:<br />The Reference Group is Indian Women.<br />Primary Decision maker in hose hold.<br />Specialized Target group.<br />More Population of educated women.<br />More informed.<br />Take care of the health of everybody at home including herself.<br />
  16. 16. Age:<br />Main Target group is 25-45 yrs.<br />May be consumed by anyone, of any age.<br />Gender:<br />Female.<br />Has became more conscious about her figure.<br />Financially independent.<br />
  17. 17. Education:<br /> Graduation (minimum).<br />Information.<br />Occupation: (Main focus is on house wives of):<br />Managers,<br />CEO,<br />Entrepreneurs.<br />
  18. 18. Income:<br />Rs. 3,00,000 Per Annum.<br />It is not very expensive.<br />The product is priced at Rs.45 for 140 gm pack and Rs.90 for a 290 gm pack. <br />
  19. 19. Cultural:<br />Values:<br />Today’s women personal need ranging from need to look good to nutrition and figure consciousness. <br />Shifting from the role of gatekeeper to information initiator.<br />Education has increase.<br />Today women are more informed. <br />
  20. 20. Norms:<br />People are more health conscious.<br />They are ready to pay any amount to look slim.<br />Fat cause insult and depression.<br />Artifacts:<br />Indian wedding dance.<br />
  21. 21. Communication model:<br />Message:<br />Special K is easy and faster way of loosing weight without any hard work or dieting.<br /> It also meets your every nutritional need<br />Content:<br />Take Kellogg’s 2 week challenge and<br />Loose upto 2.5 kg. in 2 weeks.<br />
  22. 22. Media:<br />They have used every mass media in order to reach to their target audience.<br />Media has been used:<br /><ul><li>Print: Newspapers, Magazines, OOH etc.
  23. 23. Electronic : T.V, Radio.
  24. 24. New age Media: Internet.</li></li></ul><li>
  25. 25. Website<br />Special K has its own website- www.specialk.co.in<br />Fully women oriented.<br />Tool Kit:<br />BMI Calculator<br />Personalized diet plan<br />Progress planner<br />
  26. 26. User Speak:<br />Forum<br />Testimonial (id and password)<br />Tips <br />Ask an experts:<br />First name,<br />Last name,<br />Email id<br />Organize different quiz for women:<br />
  27. 27. Screen Shots<br />Front Page<br />Home Page<br />
  28. 28. Media-Society Theory:<br />Social constructism theory:<br />According to this theory:<br /> Events, persons, values and ideas are first define or interpreted in a certain way and given value and priority , largely by mass media leading to personal construction of larger picture of reality.<br />
  29. 29. Comparison:<br />Event:-> Indian wedding.<br />Person:-> House wife.<br />Value:-> <br />Self Confidence.<br />Greed.<br />Emotions<br />Wish(of getting noticed by others).<br />Idea:->Get slim in 2 weeks.<br />
  30. 30. The Ad Provides the material for the consciousness of people(specially ladies) about their figure and health.<br />Media reproduce the meaning of the wish of being slim, it showed it as a need.<br />The whole advertisement is based on Indian culture.<br />Every body wants to get noticed in crowd.<br /> It has showed Nationalism, patriotism, religion, social conformity <br />
  31. 31. Genre and content<br />Genre:<br />Feel Good<br />Content:<br /> Take the 2 weeks challenge.<br />2 bowls, 2 weeks, 2.5 kg weight loss.<br />
  32. 32. Process of effect and Real effect<br />Wanted to communicate the greed of the women of looking slim.<br />There is a faster and cost effective way to be slim without dieting.<br />Were able to give the message they wanted to give.<br />People got the message without any confusion.<br />
  33. 33. Audience<br />The Audience is a housewife.<br />Age between 25-45.<br />Must be willing to try something new.<br />Must be conscious about he looks.<br />
  34. 34. Audience formation<br />
  35. 35. Explanation<br />Social Structure:<br />The consumer today is more conscious of the importance of a balanced and varied diet.<br />Today people don’t eat food for the sake of eating, they want more.<br />Individual :<br />Today everybody wants to look good and have good figure. This product give them healthy diet without fat.<br />Mass media Structure:<br />Today women have started taking care of her health and have started concentrating on her looks. Every women wants to look slim.<br />Special k Fulfill this need of them.<br />
  36. 36. Media behaviour:<br />Media has been reached to the perfect audience.<br />Had a possitive effect on its audience.<br />Media Orientation:<br />Media orientation for special k are T.V and print.<br />People living in metro cities use these medias more.<br />Media used:<br />Every media has been used.<br />People can se the ad anywhere.<br />Individual circumstances:<br />People will actually be willing to buy that product.<br />Had a grad impact on its audience.<br />
  37. 37. Media content:<br />Reduce 2.5 kg in just 2 week by having 2 bowls of special k daily.<br />Social context used:<br />There was a women’s day contest happening, which was the strongest media context.<br />
  38. 38. Conclusion<br />Special k is a strategy to move beyond the breakfast bowl and create a new niche segment for believers in special K’s slimming promise. <br />K special is iconic in established market .<br />Presently sold in more than 40 markets internationally.<br />The company has a ambitious plan to achieve $ 2 billion super brand status by this year <br />
  39. 39. The brand focused on communication strategy.<br />
  40. 40. Thank you<br />By<br />Shefali Sharma<br />