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Sir Philip Sidney


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This is a presentation that was made for an 11th grade Honors British Literature class.

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Sir Philip Sidney

  1. 1. Sir Philip Sidney
  2. 2. Born November 30, 1554 Kent, England
  3. 3. Parents: Father Sir Henry Sidney
  4. 4. Parents: Mother Lady Mary Dudley
  5. 5. “.…scoffing cometh not of wisdom….” -Sir Philip Sydney
  6. 6. Education Shrewsbury School University of Oxford Christ Church College
  7. 7. Queen Elizabeth Emperor Rudolph II
  8. 8. Works The Lady of May Astrophel and Stella The Defence of Poesy The Countless of Pembroke’s Arcadia The Shepherdess Calendar Areopagus Leave Me, O Love An Apology for Poetry
  9. 9. Major Work: The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
  10. 10. “Thy necessity is yet greater than mine.” -Sir Philip Sidney
  11. 11. Worldview The Sidney Psalter: The Psalms of Sir Philip and Mary Sidney
  12. 12. Death October 17, 1586 Arnhem, Netherlands
  13. 13. Sources Classics/dp/0199217939/ref=sr_1_1/178-4548229- 8819533?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1415068764&sr=1-1