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  2. 2. My name is Deissy Alejandra Castro Montenegro I was born on March 4, 1991,was born in the beautiful country of Colombia, currently living in the city of Ipiales.I have 21 years, I have a very big family my father is Omar Castro my motherPatricia Montenegro and my two brothers Marlon and Bairon. I love my family theyare most important to me.My childhood was very beautiful and fun, I studied at the school San Francisco deAsis and currently studying nursing at the State University of Carchi in sixth leveland I am very happy that I chose the profession that allows me to help manypeople and calm your physical and spiritual pain.My favorite hobby is playing sports, going for walks with my family to a quiet placeto stay in touch with nature, shopping with my friends, I love listening and dancingto salsa music especially when Im sad.I have many dreams and goals to reach for that reason I prepare every day andstrive to be better at everything I do.
  3. 3. MANIFEST MANTA CITIZENS AGAINST VIOLENCEThe people of Manta marched through the main streets of the city center todemand security and justice."For peace, unity and violence" were the phrases that were issued, the people"want to live in peace"About 20 000 people dressed in white marched against the violence and insecurity.The rally started from 13th Street to the Civic Plaza Port of Manabí.Eight radio stations broadcast the protest, which was born after the assassinationof Lenin Chiriboga, former president of the Civic Council.Suspects who were on a motorcycle fired nine shots into the vehicle he was riding.His wife and child were badly injured.
  4. 4. YOUTUBE IS GAINING STRENGTH AS A NEWS MEDIUMYouTube is increasingly a key platform of access for people eager to hear news,as users turn to the growing site to see videos of witnesses during major eventsand natural disasters, a new study.The Project for Excellence in Journalism Research Center on Monday presentedhis analysis of the most popular news videos posted during the last 15 months theproperty of Google.He found that while hearing the news on television is still much higher than peoplewho see news on YouTube, this video sharing site is a growing digital environmentwhere professional journalism mixed with content created by citizens."On this platform there is a new form of journalism in video," said Amy Mitchell,deputy director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. "Its how the relationshipbetween news organizations and citizens is more dynamic and multiverse (a set ofuniverses) of what we have seen before in most other platforms."More than a third of the videos that most people saw were placed by citizens. Morethan half came from news organizations, but sometimes the shots of those videosincorporating footage recorded by YouTube users.
  5. 5. FORMAL LETTERLoved and respected Miss Sofia DukeDirector of womens magazine "Vanity Fair "Get you a friendly and warm greetingToday I had the opportunity of myrrh the catalog with new products andinterested me much.I wish you please inform me when and where we will launch the newproduct? I would also like to know what time the event starts?If possible please send me your personal data to communicate withyou personally.Longer dismissed me thanking you for your attention andunderstanding.Attentively:Alejandra Castro
  6. 6. IF I WERE FAMOUSIf I wereJenniferLopez, I would makea foundationforchildren withcancer, just to seethem smile and so to improve their quality of life.I would have an academy of salsa and a gym just for me. buy amansionfor myparents andcars andhouses of all themodels thatexist,I would marry whit BrathPithintheVirgin ofGuadalupeVasilica; I would go on acruise with my family, I make all my dreams reality, I have a beautiful baby wouldbuy many gifts and would be a good mother,If I were Jennifer Lopez, I would be very famous and would have a lot of money, Iwould meet many famous people, I would be dressed always in fashion, I woulduse top brand clothing and shoes finest and most expensive.If I were Jennifer Lopez, I would have a better economic level, I could study at thebest university in the world, I would be recognized and admired by everyone in theworld.
  7. 7. THE INTERNETHThe Internet is the newest and most wonderful invention of mankind, because itallows communication with our friends and family who are far away from us.Through the Internet we can learn all the important news that happen around us,and we can make complex and important research on topics that arouse ourcuriosity.The Internet is a tool of work, thanks to trade that provided the use of socialnetworking sites and the influence on young people are creating.In much the use of the Internet provides many benefits because it is synonymouswith progress, development and technology. But their use requires certainprecautions especially for children because some of their information content arenot appropriate or suitable for their age, it is therefore important that the Internet isused under the supervision of a responsible adult.In conclusion if we use the Internet properly, we will get many benefits, as throughthe Internet found many scientific sources to answer all our questions andconcerns in a clear, safe and most importantly very quickly.
  8. 8. NURSINGI chose this profession because it is a sign of humility and love of neighbor; Ibelieve that nursing is a noble profession of dedication and service to others.Nursing Career aims to train professionals to provide comprehensive care andsave lives, nursing career was driven by Florence Naithingale, his life and hisactions are an example of life.Since those who care and protect them the life of the sick and weak are thenurses, in conclusion nursing is based on values, mainly in the solidarity and love.The nurse can be a researcher, educator and not just perform in the health fieldbecause the profession has many benefits
  9. 9. POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY OF CARCHI ABILITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES INFIRMARY SCHOOL th 6 SEMESTER TOPIC: Caring for the environment DATE: 17– 05 – 2012 NAME: Alejandra CastroCare for our environment, plant life, If we protect the environment, not ot throwanimals and people is at risk, for all garbage in the streets, trash throw in placethe pollution caused by humans. and help to preserve life on our planetenvironmental pollution, causes ofextinction of many animals, they no Take care of water in our homes, not waste,longer have a place to live, the rivers we use only the water needed to clean ourwhere they drink contaminated water, house, brushing our teeth and to batheand trees where they got their food hasbeen destroyed
  10. 10. FUTURE FORMSUsed for predictionsWill VerbExamples:The concert will begin at 8 oclock.When will the train leave?Used for scheduled eventsWill VerbExamples:Will you marry me?Ill help you with your homework after classUsed for promisesWill VerbExamples:
  11. 11. Ill make you a sandwich.Theyll help you if you want.Used for offersWill VerbExamples:He will telephone as soon as he arrives.Will you visit me when you come next week?Used in combination with time clauses (as soon as, when, before, after)Be going to VerbExamples:Frank is going to study Medicine.Where are they going to stay when they come?She isnt going to buy the new house afterall.The future with going to is used to express planned events or intentions. Theseevents or intentions are decided on before the moment of speaking.
  12. 12. NOTEGoing to or -ing are often both correct for planed events. Going to should beused for distant future intentions (example: Hes going to study Law)Be going to VerbExamples:Oh no! Look at those clouds. Its going to rain.Be careful! Youre going to drop those dishes!Used for future predictions based on physical (usually visual) evidence.Present Continuous (be -ing)Examples:Hes coming tomorrow afternoon.What are we having for dinner?Im not seeing the doctor until Friday.Used for planned or personally scheduled events. Usually used with principle verbssuch as: come, go, begin, start, finish, have, etc.NOTE
  13. 13. Going to or -ing are often both correct for planed events. Going to should beused for distant future intentions (example: Hes going to study Law)Simple PresentExamples:The class begins at 11.30.The plane leaves at 6 oclock.Used for scheduled public events such as train and plane schedules, courseschedules, etc.Common future time expressions include:next (week, month, year), tomorrow, in Xs time (amount of time, i.e. two weekstime), in year, time clauses (when, as soon as, before, after) simple present(example: I will telephone as soon as I arrive.) soon, laterStructure of the FormsFuture with WillS + will + verb (base form) = positveExamples:Ill make you a sandwich.
  14. 14. Theyll visit soon.Itll rain tomorrow.S + will not (wont) + verb (base form) = negativeExamples:She wont come next week.It wont take a long time.We wont sing that song.Will + S + verb (base form) = questionExamples:Will you give me a hand?Where will she stay?When will we leave?Future with going toConjugate the helping verb "be" going to verb (base form).Examples:You are going to stay with them.She is going to visit Paul.
  15. 15. They are going to move soon.Conjugate the helping verb "be" not going to verb (base form)Examples:Im not going to stay very long.We arent going to visit our friends in Paris.They arent going to get a new job.Question word conjugate the helping verb be subject going to verb (base form)Examples:What are you going to do?Where is he going to stay?When are they going to leave?Future with -ing (present continuous)Conjugate the helping verb "be" and verb -ing.Examples:Im meeting him tomorrow.
  16. 16. Shes having lunch with Tom.Theyre flying to Lisbon next week.Conjugate the helping verb "be" not verb -ing.Examples:She isnt having a meeting tomorrow.You arent playing tennis this weekend.They arent going to the party.Question word conjugate the helping verb be subject verb -ingExamples:Are you attending the meeting on Friday?Is he coming to the party?Are they giving a presentation?
  17. 17. NATURAL DISASTERSFLOODINGFloods are natural disasters that occur more victims in the world. It is estimatedthat in the twentieth century about 3.2 million people have died from this cause,which is more than half of those killed by natural disasters in the world in thatperiodA flood is the occupation by the water areas are usually free of it, either byoverflowing rivers and heavy rains or snowmelt, or seas rising tides above theusual or avalanches caused by tsunamis.River flooding are natural processes that have occurred periodically and have beenthe cause of the formation of the plains in the valleys of rivers, fertile land wheretraditional agriculture has been developed.In coastal areas the ravages of the sea have been used to model costs and createwetlands the same as they have become vulnerable areas.
  18. 18. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF CELL PHONEADVANTAGESThe cell phone is an object that primarily serves as means of communicationbecause it allows us to transmit and receive information from anywhere in theworld.The cell phone allows us to get in touch with the people we love as our family orour friends can also receive information of our work, college and university. Withour university partners can communication to perform different tasks.The cell phone is really very important because it facilitates our work and personalissues even facilitates social issues.Through the cell also have access to the internet to find the information you needand a miscellaneous games that entertain us and amuse us.
  19. 19. DISADVANTAGESSpite of the great benefits of using cell phone may also have some disadvantagessuch as high fees to be paid to communicate.On several occasions the cell phone loses signal and is therefore not possible tohave an efficient communication.The rates to call our relatives and friends who are in foreign countries is expensive.In children ages half of distraction is negative because it allows the concentrationof children in school.
  20. 20. PLACES WHERE NURSES WORKThe field work for nurses is very wide, which is why the professional can choosedifferent places and occupations.Mainly the hospital area where you can also choose to work in different hospitaldepartments such as gynecology, pediatrics, neonatology, internal medicine andemergency, each service is very important and requires a lot of technical andscientific knowledge.Nurses can also work with the community through projects in the health centersand subcenters.Acyls of the elderly are also a suitable place for the work of nurses. and day carefor children.Another very important for working nurses are mental hospitals where he cares forpeople affected by psychological disorders that are in most need emotional andspiritual support.Among many other activities they can choose nurses is also teaching becauseeducation is the primary tool for all health professionals to prevent disease andimprove the lives of people.