School bus discipline


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Hardy County Schools Bus Discipline Action Research Project

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School bus discipline

  1. 1. School Bus Discipline:Driving for a Change inBus Behavior
  2. 2. Action Research Project Sheena Van MeterAssistant Principal, Moorefield Elementary School Hardy County 471 Students Preschool – 2nd Grade 64.97% Free/Reduced Lunch 11.25% Minority Copyright 2008
  3. 3. The Problem• Currently, there is only a Bus Code of Conduct and no Bus Discipline Policy in Hardy County.• The Bus Code of Conduct is not sent home with students annually. Parents may obtain a copy of the Bus Code of Conduct upon request to the Board of Education Office.• There are inconsistencies in how the School Bus Operators manage bus behaviors and disciplinary action determined by the principals.• There is a lack of communication with parents, therefore expectations of student behavior is not clearly defined.Copyright 2008
  4. 4. Baseline Data
  5. 5. Data
  6. 6. And the Survey Says…• 23 out of 28 School Bus Operators surveyed state that they feel they do not have the backing and support of the county school administration regarding student discipline.
  7. 7. Projected Implications of this Research Project • The number of Discipline Referrals for disruptive behaviors on the school bus will decrease by 10% the first month a bus behavior program is in place, and an additional 5% for 3 months thereafter.
  8. 8. Current Research• Teaching Interrupted: Do Discipline Policies in Todays Public Schools Foster the Common Good? A Report by Public Agenda, New York, NY, 2004. (As summarized in Effective Schools Research Abstracts Volume 19, Issue 6)• PARENT ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY• Boynton, Mark and Christine Boynton, The Educators Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems. ASCD, Alexandria, VA, 2005. (As summarized in Effective Schools Research Abstracts Volume 20, Issue 6)• EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE REQUIRES CONSISTENCY
  9. 9. Continued Research• Michelle Layer Rahal, "Bullying Prevention." Educational Research Service, Alexandria, VA, 2010 ( 1-20. (As summarized in Effective Schools Research Abstracts Volume 24, Issue 7)• BULLIES ON THE BUS WITHOUT DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION
  10. 10. Action Plan ProposalDate Action Plan Individuals Data Collection Initiative Responsible SourceJanuary – March 2012 Development of Policy Team – (County Meetings (face to face) Transportation Director, Bus Operator Surveys County Behavior Specialist, 6 Bus Operators, 6 administrators)April – July 2012 Present to BOE for approval Team County Feedback and readings. Accepted as Policy.August 2012 Staff Development for Drivers, Team Parents’ signed and returned Develop Bus Education portion of the New Policy. Program, Develop Bus Education Program Review Schedule. Bus Policy goes home for parents to review and sign.September 2012 Meet with principals to ensure Team # of Bus Discipline Referrals implementation and address concerns. Collect Referrals.October-December 2012 Continue to collect referrals Team # of Bus Discipline ReferralsJanuary – May 2013 and analyze data.June , 2013 Examine the number of Bus Team # of Bus Discipline Referrals, Discipline Referrals since administrator interviews, bus implementation of new policy operator surveys, overall and determine if there has decrease/increase percentage. been a decrease since implementation of new policy.
  11. 11. The Plan…Population: All Hardy County Students (grades pre-K – 12) who utilize school bus transportation.Team Members: Hardy County Transportation Director, Hardy County Behavior Specialist, an administrator from each of the six schools in the county, and six bus operators (three from each side of the county).
  12. 12. The Plan Continued…• Procedure:1 – Develop Policy based upon current county data and driver, administrator, and Superintendent feedback.2 – Policy Reading and approval.3 – Send home with students and obtain parent signature.4 – Implement the bus education program in the classrooms.5 – Analyze Data from August through May to determine if the policy has made a positive impact.
  13. 13. Materials• Copies of the new Bus Discipline Policy to distribute to parents of Hardy County school Students (including level I, II, and III behaviors and disciplinary actions)• Bus Education Program to support the new Bus Discipline Policy through instructional strategies taught in the classroom.
  14. 14. Data• Bus Discipline Referral• Bus Operator feedback collected via monthly surveys• Parent feedback collected via monthly surveys
  15. 15. Anticipated Impact on Instructional Leadership• I believe that through this project I will learn to lead a team through collaboration, research, and data collection in order to modify county policies to best meet the needs of all individuals involved. My goal is to build upon my leadership abilities by working with a variety of individuals within the school system. By developing a relationship with service personnel in the county school system I am recognizing the valuable role they play in the education of our students.
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?