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Google Goes Local


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Presented by ReachLocal’s National Multifamily Program Manager, Sheena Shive, this 30-minute presentation will break down Google’s local search results page, take a deep dive into Google Places (map listings), and provide you with actionable take-aways to optimize your properties’ local search results.

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Google Goes Local

  1. 1. The Ongoing Evolution of Google™ “Google Goes Local”Presented by Sheena ShiveProgram Manager, Multifamily © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  2. 2. © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  3. 3. Agenda• “Google Goes Local”• Deep Dive: Google Places• How to claim your properties Places Pages• Features overview• Questions © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  4. 4. © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  5. 5. Google last year Paid Listings Map Listings Organic Listings © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  6. 6. Google now in battle for local U.S. Local Online Ad Spend Surpasses Google in „time spent‟ on $15 Billion site domestically in 2010 1 New search features US market share grew to 28% 2 New local properties Grown to 41 million users per month Rejects Googles Growing to 3 New local search results – Places $37 billion $6 Billion offer in 2014 4 New mobile search & appsSources: BIA/Kelsey, comScore, Nielsen, Silicon Alley Insider Multiple strategies to grow its share of local consumers © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  7. 7. New local search resultsSo consumers rely on Google for local search info Paid ads Map now top right and stays there – map pinNow predicts a now same aslocal query and organic rankdisplays all localbusiness listings Reviews provide indicator of quality Much more info on each listing Place page link to Google’s detailed profile of the business PageRank™ algorithm updated to better help consumers find a local business © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  8. 8. New local search results (cont‟d)So consumers rely on Google for local search info Easy 1-click preview of website Address & phone numberLocation on Picture from Reviewsthe map Place page Preview of website More detailed listings helps consumers choose a local business © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  9. 9. New local search results (cont‟d)Changes to PageRank algorithm to improve quality of local listings Inbound Links Google Social Fans & Site & Blog Place Page Reviews Pages Followers + Social Bookmarks + + + CONTENT & LINKS REPUTATION SOCIAL AUTHORITY Prominent Organic Rank = How soon until it impacts Quality Score for AdWords? © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  10. 10. Google Places © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  11. 11. Facts 97% of consumers search for businesses online Places Page reach millions of users, quickly and at no charge to businesses A profile includes: location information, directions, reviews, photos, business categories, and more about your properties Optimize the content within your Place Pages to rank higher in the organic listings © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  12. 12. How To Claim Your Places Pages Navigate to: Sign in with your Google Account (if you do not have one, create an account from the sign in page) After you are logged in, you will need to enter your primary business phone number to see what information Google already has about your business Enter in your basic business information Verify your listing with Google (via snail mail and phone) Time to optimize your page, manage your reviews and monitor your analytics!*For step by step instructions and tips email to set up a meeting © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  13. 13. Google Places Features © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  14. 14. Reviews FeatureCustomers canplace reviewsdirectly on yourplace page Tip: formulate a strategy to mobilize happy residents! © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  15. 15. Reporting Dashboard Features Displays impressions and actionsDisplayssources ofuser clicksTop searchqueries usedto displayplace listing © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  16. 16. Offer Feature Print offers for potential residents to bring in when visitingBuild customoffers to thosewho find youonlinePost offers that areappealing topotential residentssuch as waivedapplication fees, onemonth free or free Customize offersparking space with to appeal tolease! mobile searchers © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  17. 17. Photo & Video Features Upload photos to show off property features Display a video to create a quick view of property Fact: google also amenities adds photos gathered from web search results and other sources © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  18. 18. Let’s Recap and what you need to do? Googles long term vision may include the following:  Providing consumers with more personalized, relevant local results  Giving consumers more ways to rate, discover and share places they love (or hate) faster and easier than ever, wherever they are, and on internet enabled device Local search results are changing, what you need to do:  Claim and update your Place Pages  Proactively update check your Places Page dashboard and features  Invest in content marketing and social media marketing  Build a positive reputation by requesting reviews on your Place Pages and across the web  Maximize search discovery and reputation management by dominating search results “real estate” - a combination of paid search, Google Places, and SEO/content marketing – this effort is known as Web Presence Optimization © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  19. 19. What can ReachLocal help you with? 1 Search • Drive traffic directly to your site through the paid listings. Engine • Guarantee you placement on major search engines and help you Advertising measure your results. 2 Social • Fully manage social media and content marketing that helps drive: search Reputation discovery, social discovery, reputation management and brand engagement. • We help consult with our clients to claim & optimize their Place Pages and put together resident advocacy programs. 3 Brand Awareness • Through display advertising build awareness across the web for your brand. • Through remarketing, retarget consumers who have shown interest in your property. Remind them of your brand, and drive them back to your site. ReachLocal can help with a Web Presence Strategy: Buy Presence, Build Presence, Convert CustomersSources: InsightExpress, Performics © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  20. 20. Questions? Contact me for tips on claiming and optimizing your Places 972-267-2222 x120 © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02
  21. 21. Some good resourcesLooking Ahead: What‟s Next in the Evolution of Local Search by Eric Enge (1.03.11) & Optimization of a Local Business Profile by Chris Silver Smith (12.17.07) Search Ranking Factors by David Mihm (6.07.10) Gets Social: Google Using Social Data in Ranking (1.05.11)) Compelling Reasons Every SMB Should Claim their Local Listings (12.19.11) Up with Google Part 1: The Rapidly Changing World of Search Discovery for Small Business (12.10.10) Up with Google Part 2: 4 Critical Things Small Business Should Do to Keep Up (12.15.10) © 2011 ReachLocal, Inc. | 3.02