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Edtec 572 Final Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Edtec 572 Final Presentation

  1. 1. » Lauren Arrant April 28, 2012» Sheena Gygax» Noel Johnson
  2. 2. Project Overview» Existing Problem: Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) dont receive thorough training to teach.» Solution: » Teach TAs how to teach topics in first year writing and the argument research paper. » Teach TAs how to engage college freshman and promote transfer skills.
  3. 3. Learners» Course Instructor: Master Instructor» Learners: College Graduate TAs that teach freshman composition. » Learner Description: » Deep knowledge of writing » May not know how to integrate different print and digital resources into their lessons » Learners may not know how to incorporate technology into lessons » TAs seek to keep college freshman motivated and engaged by assigning interesting topics and methods of researching» Age range:22-30» Technical level:Basic computer skills» Primary language:English
  4. 4. Course Objectives» Given a class of freshman students, the TAs will be able to successfully guide college freshman in the following areas in accordance with the Professor Performance Checklist: 1. Prepare for research (brainstorming) 2. Conduct basic research 3. Evaluate and acknowledge resources 4. Avoid plagiarism
  5. 5. Class Content» Website» CompClass» Instructor Guides» Student Material
  6. 6. CompClass
  7. 7. Website
  8. 8. Instructor Guide
  9. 9. Student Material
  10. 10. Objectives of Module 4» Given section 48 of The Bedford Handbook, the TA will be able to state (recall) the definition of plagiarism, and locate the page number.» Given an article about plagiarism in the news, the TA will be able to give a summary to the class about their plagiarism in the news piece.» Given two pieces of writing (one journal article, one student paper), the TA will be able to circle all examples of paraphrases, signal phrases, and quotations, in under 10 minutes.» Given The Bedford Handbook, the TA should be able to locate and give the definition of each of the following phrases: source, in- text citation, signal phrase, paraphrase, and quotation.
  11. 11. Alpha test group» We worked with a Master Teacher and 3 TAs from the California State University system.» We gave a 30 minute demo, followed by a Q&A session.» We explained our lesson and gave them access to our online sites for further testing.» After our testers looked at our Module 4, they sent detailed feedback a few days later.
  12. 12. Alpha test: Module 4» Why did we choose Module 4?» Technology» Print resources» Master Teacher material» TA materials
  13. 13. Conclusions of Alpha TestFeedback from test group:» Clarify objectives.» Avoid the use of non-action verbs.» Limit overlap between master teacher and TA materials.» State how long each activity will take within the hour long module.» Provide answers for all questions in Instructor Guide.» Master Teacher should have all hand-outs referred to in the lesson.» More media content and strategies for how TAs can implement it.» Provide more examples of "intentionality" and add more detail to the "plagiarism in the news" piece.
  14. 14. Revisions to be made after Alpha TestIn response to our Alpha Testers suggestions, we will do the following:» Write clear objectives.» Add action verbs.» Omit any Master Teacher notes from the TA materials.» Denote the length of each activity.» Answer all questions posed in the instructor guide.» Add Master Teacher Handouts to website.» Add more media to lesson and strategies to integrate them.» Add more examples of "intentionality" and more instructional support detail to the "plagiarism in the news" piece.