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Maximiles - Helen Atkinson

  1. 1. Understanding the World of Incentive Sites Helen Atkinson Affiliate Manager
  2. 2. WHO IS MAXIMILES? • Maximiles (formerly ipoints) is the European leader for online loyalty programmes • Over 3 million UK members • 1.6 million emailable members in the UK • is the UK’s largest loyalty coalition programme • Differing ways for members to collect points WHY USE MAXIMILES? • Larger than average customer basket size • High email response rates • Tactical merchant campaigns • Highly targeted merchant offers • Optimised web content Introduction
  3. 3. Business Model
  4. 4. • Do you want to work with an already loyal online community? • Difference between cashback and loyalty members • Understand the affiliate database – What information do they hold on members? • Understand the conversion of CPA to points / cash – 100% or less? – How will a CPA increase impact the incentive offered? • Can your brand feature onsite and over emails or just via one stream? • Does the incentive site also offer voucher code functionality? • Launch promotion • Ongoing onsite and email promotion opportunities • Marketing calendars and peak times • Constant communication How to Work with Incentive Sites
  5. 5. • Quality of traffic • Brand loyalty – Is the consumer loyal to the affiliate site or your brand? – Is it possible to be loyal to both? • CPA must be competitive • Effective communication of CPA increases, sales, voucher codes, prize draws etc – How does the affiliate like to communicate? Challenges
  6. 6. • Not uncommon to be apprehensive • Consider ‘soft launch’ approaches – Limited homepage exposure – Limited email exposure – Small, highly targeted solus campaigns • Never underestimate the power of small additions to the T&Cs – Only valid for Maximiles Members – One purchase per household – Subject to fair use policy – Maximiles and Brand xxx reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time Don’t Want to Work with Loyalty?
  7. 7. • Use the affiliate manager – they know their members and what has worked historically • Use your network account contact – they can draw experience from a number of sites • Think about whether a CPA increase, voucher code or prize draw may encourage the largest incremental growth • Trial different onsite placements and email features to establish what delivers the strongest returns • Small, targeted solus emails are often more effective that larger, more ‘random’ sends • Consider both peak times for you and the affiliate • Keep in constant communication Delivering Returns
  8. 8. Case Studies HOW DID THEY DO THAT? OBJECTIVES • Brand awareness • Drive Incremental sales APPROACH • Through data insight and interaction with members a history of collecting and redeeming points was created. RESULTS • New members – Month one of new member site engagement increased from an average eight unique visits to 12 unique visits. • Re-engagement – Lapsed members from the last six months decreased by 15%. 18% of members who had previously collected through only one merchant then went on to shop across multiple merchants in the month following the launch of the campaign. • Shopping – Transactions through merchants featured increased by an average of 22%
  9. 9. Case Studies BI MONTHLY PARENTING CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • Segmentation - To utilise our extensive database of both pregnant members and parents of babies and toddlers. • Merchant engagement – To ensure ongoing member engagement with brands such as Mothercare, ELC, Argos, Toys r us, Debenhams etc. • Driving incremental sales – Working with merchants on their chosen product lines. APPROACH • Maximiles developed close relationships with the above merchants and in return for additional exposure. • Maximiles received increased commission, exclusive codes, free products, samples and prize draws. RESULTS • Email – Average open rates were 27% with a click through rate of 18%, above industry averages. • Shopping - 93% uplift in total sales compared to previous month. • Customer Feedback - Positive feedback from members through posting recommendations on social media platforms.
  10. 10. Case Studies CANCER RESEARCH UK DIRECT GIVING Maximiles worked closely with Cancer Research UK Direct Giving to carry out a targeted campaign onsite and via email sends offering members increased points when they registered for the12 month direct debit programme.OBJECTIVES • Driving incremental sales – Working with new merchant Cancer Research UK Direct Giving to offer increased points to members for a limited time. • Corporate Social Responsibility – To increase Maximiles Support to charity merchants as an extension to the successful previous charity campaigns run with Breast Cancer Campaign and The Prostate Cancer Charity APPROACH A vast amount of data was collected through the Maximiles polls on whether members would donate to charity as well as finding out those charities they already donate too. RESULTS • Email – conversion rate from click to direct debit donation was 37%. • Shopping – increase in sign-ups of 125% during the month of the campaign compared to the average of the previous three months. • Merchant Feedback – Extremely positive feedback from Cancer Research UK with an increased uplift in sign-ups as well as an increase in transactions via the Cancer Research UK Online Shop, run as a separate programme on Maximiles. Lower than average opt-out rates for direct debit scheme.
  11. 11. Case Studies Spin to Win OBJECTIVES • Member Retention • Member Acquisition • Drive incremental sales APPROACH To encourage the desired behaviour Maximiles used merchant products as prizes and a selection of exclusive voucher codes in a fun and engaging game. RESULTS • Email – From approximately 1.8 million emails sent throughout the campaign the average open rates were 38% with a click through rate of 22%, way above industry averages. • Web stats and member engagement – during the period of the campaign site visits increased 120% and frequency of member visits increased by 85%. • Merchant results – 80% of sponsors involved saw an increase of traffic to their site from Maximiles of approximately 30%. The increase in transactions varied from between 18% and 65%.
  12. 12. • Helen Atkinson Affiliate Manager 0207 819 2832 • Rebecca Mansley Affiliate Assistant 0207 819 2843 Contact