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Bpr assignement1

  1. 1. Write up onBusiness Process ReengineeringA Consolidated MethodologyAssignment # 1 Submitted to : Mr. AbdullahFebruary 15th 2011 Business Process Reengineering: A consolidated MethodologyIntroduction:This article provides the methodological and consolidated approach to restructured entire business and focus on business process reengineering principles that require redesigning the business.This article focus on systematic step of business process reengineering and provide the detail explanation of what is reengineering? What to reengineer? How to reengineer? Today’s world environment is dynamic, customer expectation are change. Competition arises continuously change occur in the world. To remain competitive in long run and fulfill customer expectation and respond to environmental changes large corporation engage in BPR.In this article author provides the consolidated and systematic approach to redesign the business.Author explains the concept of re-engineering by quoting the Hammer and Champy (1993) definition.“Reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measure of performance such as cost, quality and speed.The purpose here to describe BPR is not concerned for small improvement. It focuses on redesign the entire business or process.Author asks a question what to re engineer? And give answer of this question by saying that companies should focus on or entire business. In other words , looking for a business as a customer perceptive and all activities involve to produce a product or service should be aiming to customer perceptive.Author further emphases that business process should be mapped because it gives the correct As-Is scenario that explains how work is performed throughout the company.As-Is scenario also provide the basis of to be road map.After As-Is scenario author explain the selection process which consist of three criteria such that dysfunction, importance, feasibility. It provides the direction which process needs to be reengineered.Author describe the methodology for “How to reengineer that consist of 5 activities such that Activity 1 # Prepare for Reengineering , Activity 2# Map and Analyze As-Is Process, Activity 3 # Design To-Be Process, Activity 4# Implement Reengineered process, Activity 5# Improve Process Continuously.Activity #1 : Prepare for ReengineeringThis activity starts the participation of executive and developing the consensus on importance of reengineering by looking business objectives and reengineering project.Set the strategic direction by analyzing customer need and wants, product, technology, environmental analysis and company current position and then develop mission and vision statement.Develop annual objectives and long term objectives, established cross functional team that involve in change. In this stage company has to decision whether to reengineer or not.Activity #2 : Map and Analyze As-Is ProcessIn this process company analyze and understand its current process and find out the problem in current process that prevent the process to achieve desire outcome.It is time and cost saving method and better than directly company go to new process.Activity# 3: Design To-Be ProcessIn this stage generate alternative solution of current situation that help to company to achieve its objectives. Benchmarking is important step in this process that help firm to identify performance differential in current process by comparing other relevant process to find out where possible improvement is necessary.Activity #4: Implement Reengineered processAuthor says that it is difficult stage where implement the reengineering process. Care should be taken because opposition will try to kill your effort of reengineering process. Various Change program also continuously use to stop resistance the change and develop strategy supported cultural program that important BPR effort and To-Be process work on smooth transition.Activity #5: Improve process continuouslyThe success of organization depends on continuous improvement in its business. We cannot separate continuous improvement and Total Quality Management in BPR process. To improve Business process continuously required monitoring the whole process and everyone participation in reengineering process is essential to fulfill the vision of the organization.This article explain the factor that require in reengineering process and sequential step that must be brown in mind in order to succeed the re engineering process.<br />