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Benfica USA Newsletter V1I1

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  1. 1. BENFICA USASPECIAL NewsletterPOINTS OFINTEREST: V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 M A R C H 2 , 2 0 1 1 Winter Winter Training Training Soccer Culture Priority Guidelines As we approach the end of the ing/receiving. This is the easy ing”? Everything we do is calcu- Spring Season 2011 winter trainings, I wanted part. The hardest part is to help lated and done for a reason, for a to re-cap our intentions and the player turn the technique purpose and always for the play- Technical Staff objectives: into skill and apply it to the game. ers‟ benefit, and I might add, very successful. Tryouts  Sharpen up the players tech- Watching us work, you might nically. think or ask, “what are they do- The game is arbitrarily divided Summer into four components: Camps  Improve their game aware- ness and decision making.  Technical Special Discounts  Raise their fitness level.  Tactical  Enhance their frame of  Physical mind, attitude and approach  Psychological to the game. Creating better and smarter Everything we do includes the Every session includes a techni- soccer players four components/pillars of theINSIDE cal box, focusing on the players‟ game.THIS ISSUE: foundation, ball control and pass-Spring 2Season Soccer CulturePriority 2 A successful club must have and creative recruiting of players in on their win-loss record. WhatGuidelines maintain a soccer culture, which order to find „winning‟ solutions. about enjoyment of the process,Summer 3 includes but not limited to, a There is a big difference between the journey, the experience andCamps Clear Mission Statement, a Pro- coaching to win and coaching to its ultimate influence on us as gressive Player Development develop. A good coach is able to people, coaches, parents andTechnical 3 Curriculum, a Continuous Coach do both. I don‟t want to be athletes? What about evaluatingStaff Development Program and a caught in a contradiction here. coaches/clubs on the improve-Tryouts 3 Constant Parent Education Pro- Every team should „try to win‟. ment, growth and development gram. That is why the game is played. of their players? After all, we In the club soccer circles today, But this should not be the focus can‟t control the „outcome‟, butClub 4 we can control the „process.‟ an over emphasis is being placed of any training session or playerPhilosophy on winning. In sports, we are motivation. As the players get Finally, we must work together inFREE Jr. 4 obsessed with the „outcome‟ older, a careful balance between this „journey‟ and collectively let‟sAcademies rather than the „process.‟ It winning and development must spread the word to everyone seems that as long as we win, we be considered. about our „process‟ and our are happy. Many Clubs and Development is a very long and „success‟. coaches often coach game to endless process that must be game, trying to solve the prob- undertaken patiently by both the lems from the last game that will adult (coach, parent and adminis- produce a win in the next match. trator) and the player. But we Quite often this translates into still evaluate coaches/clubs only
  2. 2. Spring Season PAGE 2 stern on make-up The spring season is always policies. Please be shorter than the fall season flexible and suppor- with many things happening. tive in case we have i.e. Memorial tournament, to re-schedule. qualification tournaments, Make-up games promotion/relegation games, could be scheduled State Cup games, etc., etc. The spring season 2011 is due during a week night, Saturday Your coaches, team managers to start April 3rd and runs for or double-header on Sunday. and I will keep you informed in 7 weeks skipping April 24th At times the league might a timely fashion. which is Easter. move games to different loca- However with the amount of tions and different times, due snow still on the ground, we to field closures. This can might have a number of cancel- occur on Sunday mornings (but lations. The league is very not after 10:00 am). Please be flexible! Benfica USA is a Priority Guidelines Mass Youth Soccer, the gov- teams that play Div I & II, club  To avoid injury.non-profit 501 (c) 3 erning body in MA, and the will take precedence over  To avoid fatigue. leagues endorse “dual” roster town soccer. The age groups organization for players up until U14. that have two teams: For the We believe town and club Benfica USA wants their play- players on the top team, club should coexist. Each offers the ers to play town soccer also. will take precedence over player unique experiences and We feel it helps in their soccer town soccer. Development is I like to compare it with development as well as their a huge responsibility that takes school. social skills. In the town envi- discipline and commitment Each high school offers differ- ronment the game is slower from both the coaches and ent level classes. The more and gives the players the op- players. serious student takes AP portunity to practice and re- We are not in the penal busi- classes to be better prepared fine new skills. However care- ness so we‟ll not punish a for college. All students at- ful monitoring must be exer- player for missing a practice. tending are serious and re- cised not to form bad habits We are in the reward business sponsible. They welcome the which will hinder in their over- and players will be rewarded challenge and work load. They all development. by getting better with a high cannot choose to show up or “Dual” rosters create conflicts attendance rate. study whenever they want and with scheduling and prioritizing Most clubs do not allow their expect to get good grades and the player‟s time. Mass Youth players to play town soccer for be able to stay in the AP class. Soccer have a set of “priorities the following reasons: Similarly in soccer there are rules”. These can be found at many levels. From recrea-  To avoid the constant tional to elite and each comes battle of conflicting sched- We at Benfica USA view club with its set of responsibilities. uling. soccer as an investment in the  To avoid the manifesta- child‟s future in soccer. Therefore our policy is as tion of bad habits. follows: For the players on NEWSLETTER
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Summer Camps George arranged for differ- fessionals and will be onsite work- O’Neill mak- ent dates and loca- ing and not just attractive names on ing a move tions. More details the brochure. We are proud to with John and registrations can provide a week full of soccer. Amorim in be found at our Some of our camp staff ,including goal and Arthur over- website, Camp Directors– Arthur Dimitra- lapping. kopoulos and Mario Prata, are JohnWe‟re excited to offer two Camps Amorim– GK Director, Georgeand High School Team Prep Clinics O‟Neill, Efrain –”Chico” Chacurian,this summer: We‟re also excited about offering and many July 18-22 in Lowell special discounts to our Benfica more… USA families along with sibling and August 8-12 in North Reading volume discounts. We‟ll be sending HS Team Prep Clinics can be detailed information shortly. at the above dates or can be The camp staff are dedicated pro- Benfica USATechnical Staff and coaches operates on a shoe-stringThe pride of our club, the Coaches, GK Director– John Amorim ourselves but also to implement thehave the experience, licensure and latest methodologies in improving budget. Your Boys Co-Directors– Norris Gibsonsoccer knowledge paired with the & Humberto Calle our players‟ abilities and knowledge. cooperation andability to coach it. Especially, they This includes (coaches‟ team) play-have the charisma and personal Girls Director– Tom Curley ing indoors and using it as a learning support is greatlycharacteristics needed to work Technical Advisors– George tool by setting objectives and les- appreciated.with young players. O‟Neill & Efrain “Chico” Chacurian sons for each game. We are alsoThe Technical Staff consists of: Check the full bios at the website! constantly monitoring and reviewing In the background the coaches and the needs of the players and theDirector of Coaching– Arthur teams and placing them in the rightDimitrakopoulos technical staff are busy getting coaching licenses, attending semi- learning environment.Technical Director Jr. Teams– nars and professional development This past December coaches, tech-Mario Prata meetings, both theoretical and nical staff and some administrativeTechnical Director Sr. Teams– practical. Many hours are spent in staff were certified or re-certified inAlvaro Amaral finding ways not only to improve First Aid and CPR.TryoutsAccording to league rules, the first possible. All players are required We under-dates that tryouts may be held for to tryout. If a current player can- stand try-the 2011-2012 soccer year are as not attend but still wishes to be outs are afollows: considered, please tell your coach trying timeU10 and U11: June 1st and we‟ll evaluate by past perform- for all and ance. we‟ll makeU14 thru U18: June 15th our best to Current players are all invited toU12 and U13: June 21st attend. If we believe a player has make it asThe first tryout will be on the dates been struggling during the present painless asabove and we‟ll be working out the soccer year, we will have a private possible.details for a second. We will post conversation with the player andand open registrations as soon as family. BU13 team
  4. 4. BENFICA USA is a non-profit, educational organization whose mission is player development for all ages. We will be working closely with the towns of the Northeast to form a collaboration to create a soccer culture for the youth. We will dedicate ourselves and adhere to the following ob- jectives. We will strive to:  Develop players at all levels, from non-competitive (developmental), premier to elite.  Make players soccer smart, creative and love the game.  Promote and offer continuous education for the coaches through licensing courses, clinics and constant feed- back.  Keep open communication with parents and town offi-Benfica USA cials.  Offer educational seminars about child developmentPhone: 978-979-2233 and the game.E-mail: BENFICA USA maintains an active membership in Massachu- setts Youth Soccer Association and participates in the Mas- sachusetts Premier Soccer League (MAPLE), Massachusetts Soccer Conference (MASC) and New England Premiership (NEP).Creating better and smarter players FREE Junior Academies Keeping up with our community part- know your town program would be nership, starting this spring we will be interested in us coaching a session, let offering free participation in our Jun- us know and we will work out the ior Academy. We will offer two 5 details. week sessions, the first at the Mar- shall in Billerica and the second at the Gage in Lowell. We will have to cap each session and therefore it will be on first come first serve basis and must be pre-registered. Junior Academy is open to both boys and girls of 9 and 10 years old. For more information and registra- tion please visit our website: http:// tabid=75452 All sessions will be run by our techni- cal staff and coaches. Please help us in spreading the word to anyone you think could benefit Junior Academy from this program. In addition if you