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Blood Pressure Set Questionaire


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Published in: Education
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Blood Pressure Set Questionaire

  1. 1. Research and Development of Solar Blood Pressure Set Objective of doing this research: i. To develop a blood pressure measurement device that can use the sunlight energy as power source. ii. To develop a device that can be used to measure blood pressure of patients in the condition of blackout or no electricity. iii. To develop an environment friendly device that can help in saving energy. Please answer the questions below (please tick box) Are you completing this form as: Education Professional Biomedical Professional Health Professional 1. Do you know the use of blood pressure set? Yes No Don’t know 2. Make and model of blood pressure set (if you have, please state): ____________________________________________________ 3. Is the blood pressure set reliable? Yes No Don’t know 4. Is the blood pressure set easy to use? Yes No Don’t know 5. How often you change the batteries? A month 3 months 6 months/more 6. Do you ever experience this situation? Error reading Cuff does not pumping Battery not charging Others, please state: _______________________________________ 7. Do you take blood pressure at home/ outdoor? Yes No Don’t know 8. Is there any weakness in blood pressure set (digital)? (if yes, please explain) ____________________________________________________________ 9. What your opinion if blood pressure set use solar energy to charging the battery? ____________________________________________________________ 10. Any suggestion on blood pressure set? (if yes, please explain) ____________________________________________________________