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Nutrition Brochure created in Health Class

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Nutrition brochure pdf

  1. 1.­‐ allergy/DS00082/DSECTION=symptoms  (Signs   • Tingling  or  itching allergies)    in  mouth.     • Hives,  itching  or  e czema.   • Swelling  of  the  lip 861229432/  (boat)   s,  face,  tongue  and   or  other  parts  of  the  throat,  body.   les/3350915774/  (peaces)   • Wheezing,  nasal   congestion  or  troub   breathing.   le 332225132/  (milk)  • Abdominal  pain,   diarrhea,  nausea  or     vomiting. 9721122/  (3  colour  Vegetables)  • Dizziness,  lighthe adedness  or  faintin   g. 842334310/  (Grain)     Healthy  Foundations  in  Early  Childhood   Settings.  Pg.  255-­‐6       g   n  feedin se  fo ods  whe with  the Use  caution   nd  toddle rs:   tem  to  infants  a     • Eggs n  Soy   • Glute • Milk   at     Made  in  Canada   • Whe ther  nuts     uts  and  o   • Pean seeds   )   Sesame   ans,  fish Research  team                              Design  Directors   h,   crustace  (shellfis • gies.   Seafood her  aller Jaspreet  Sidhu                                    Cynthia  Hoang   • t or  for  ot your  doc Sheeba  Khan                                          Simi  Vadgama   Consult   Simi  Vadgama     Cynthia  Hoang     Associate  Vice  President   Editorial  Director     Angela  Provo            Copy  right  ©  2012      
  2. 2.     • Introduce  one  new  food  at  a  time  so   • Infants  go  through  many  growth  spurts  • Breast  milk  is  the  best  nutritional  option   your  child  can  choose  if  he/she  likes  it   &  need  extra  nutrients  at  those  times.   for  infants.       or  not.   •  Extra  breast  milk  or  formula  will  do.   • Do  not  introduce  any  other  new  food  • Breast  milk  offers  infants  a  natural   immunity  against  many  infections  by   • Texture  of  food  should  be  smooth  and   for  a  few  days,  giving  yourself  a   passing  on  antibodies  from  the  mother  to   thinned.   chance  to  detect  any  allergic   the  child.   • Reduce  the  liquidity  of  foods  as  the  baby   reactions.  • Although  breast  milk  contains  many  of   becomes  a  more  experienced  eater.   • Be  aware  of  your  baby’s  food   the  essential  vitamins,  minerals  and  fatty   allergies  BEFORE  you  bring  in  a  new   •  Keep  it  simple  and  separate.   acids,  it  does  not  contain  Vitamin  D.     item  to  their  diet.   Infants  who  are  exclusively  breast-­‐fed   • If  you  think  he/she  is  allergic,  wait  a   require  a  separate  Vitamin  D   week  before  trying  the  food  again  -­‐  if   supplement.   they  react  again,  then  they  are    • Infants  that  are  breast-­‐fed  have  a  lower   The  required  amount  children  should  eat   possibly  allergic.  Consult  your   chance  of  developing  allergies    and  have   according  to  Canada’s  Food  Guide.   pediatrician     a  lower  risk  of  Sudden  Infant  Death   • Consult  your  pediatrician  about  your   Children 2-3 4-8 9-13   baby’s  nutrient  needs.   Syndrome  (SIDS).   Age Years Years Years  • Cow’s  milk  can  be  introduced  to  the   • Avoid  feeding  your  child  foods  like;   old old old infant  at  12  months,  but  until  that  time,   chocolate,  honey  or  egg  whites  until   Vegetables 4 5 6 commercial  baby  formula  is  the  next  best   you  know  for  sure  they’re  not   & Fruits servings servings servings option  to  breast  milk.   allergic.   Grain 3 4 6 Products servings servings servings Milk & 2 2 3-4 Alternatives servings servings servings Meat & 1 1 1-2 Alternatives servings servings servings   Did  you  know  When  feeding   Did  you  know?  When  introducing   children  cereal,  you  should  start   vegetables  to  children  it  is  better  to   with  single-­‐grain  varieties.   start  with  milder  options,  like  sweet   Did  you  know?  When  feeding  children  fruits,   Make  sure  it  is  not  sweetened;   potatoes  or  carrots.  For  best  results   choose  those  that  are  natural  and  easily   keep  it  natural.     boil  them  to  make  it  soft  and  easy  to   digestible.   swallow.