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  • Some students are hesitant of going to school mainly because they are afraid to be bullied. Bullying is a kind of issue that needs to be tackled right away, I have come up with a solution which I find very useful.As a parent or caregiver, you can use stories to help your child learn how to respond to bullies in healthy ways.As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who still find it quite hard to manage issues like this, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. #SafekidZone, Check it here: http://bit.ly/ZjYchC
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Bullying power point

  1. 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY&feature=player_embedded
  2. 2. Agenda1. Introduction – Vani2. Icebreaker - Miranda3. Stakeholders - Sheeba and Vani4. Action Plans5. Surveys - Miranda6. Action Plans: Social Media Networks - Simi and Vani Letter to MP & Interview - Sheeba Bullying Workshop - Allie Fundraiser - Sheeba7. Conclusion - Allie
  3. 3. Stakeholders1. Kids Now Canada:2. Stand Up 2 Bullying3. Bullying Canada4. Shaping Safer Schools: A Bullying Prevention Plan5. WITS Program
  4. 4. Action Plans:Student Surveys: The purpose of this survey was to provide information about Bullying to students in an Elementary School setting, and to find out whether or not they were aware of the impacts Bullying can have on people – and if they knew about what they could do to put issues related to Bullying to an end.
  5. 5. Staff Surveys: The objective of distributing these surveys to higher professionals, was to gain insight into how the procedures of bullying is tolerated amonst the student body, staff, local community and the general public.
  6. 6. Online Surveys: The last type of survey was posted online through a website called Survey Monkey (http://www.surveymonkey.com) The main goal for this survey was gain knowledge on how the online community believes are the negative factors which contribute to acts of Bullying
  7. 7. Actions Speak Louder Than Words! Distributing the three different types of surveys, helped us to see how members of our community view bullying, and if they know just how much it can affect individuals. In order to create change, we have to create awareness on the social issues which affect our local and global communities – and encourage others to join the force towards stopping this world-wide issue!
  8. 8.  A message was posted about our fundraiser on the Centennial College facebook page!
  9. 9. Interview with a Vice Principal: During Bullying Awareness week at an Elementary School in Ajax, Ontario (Southwood Park Public School), an interview was conducted with Vice Principal, Jennifer Wells She stated that the term “bullying” was now being used as a loose term to identify things that are not actually labeled as bullying. The school follows a Restorative Practice which initially started in the U.S. When incidents of bullying arise and are brought to the attention of the Principal/VP- they notify and speak with the parents and bully as well.
  10. 10.  The interview gave insight towards how schools deal with incidents of bullying, by teaching children to live without conflict In order to implement positive changes and provide better perspectives/options for children to choose from when faced with issues of bullying, the teachers are required to attend workshops on bullying prevention
  11. 11. Letter to a Member of Parliament: A letter was sent to Yvonne Forbes, who is a member on the board of Trustees in Ajax, Ontario. The following was addressed:- How students of the Early Childhood Education program at Centennial College are advocating for young children, by taking a stand against the issue of bullying in schools.- The negative impacts that incidents and acts of bullying have on children.- The importance of implementing a system for dealing with bullying in schools, and how strategies can be used to raise more awareness and prevent bullying.
  12. 12. Bullying Workshop The main purpose of this workshop was to create awareness amongst the students at the Elementary School level about how they could make a change with the issue of bullying. We provoked their thoughts by asking them questions about what bullying was and they could do if they witnessed an act of bullying. The responses were recorded on a webbed chart
  13. 13. A conceptual web chart onbullying which the studentshad created themselves,during Bullying AwarenessWeek!
  14. 14. Recording Their Thoughts: We then implemented an activity where the students were able to create a picture, or write a story about the negative impacts bullying has – and what can happen when no one speaks up to fight against the issue or act committed.
  15. 15. Wrapping up the Workshop: We discussed with the children what they had drawn and written, and why it is important to create positive changes with the issue through an action plan. We then provided them with an opportunity to make pink bracelets which they could wear – so that they would spark conversations with others and make them aware of how they can help stop bullying.
  16. 16. Fundraiser: Candy For KidsNow Canada!
  17. 17. Conclusion: Follow Up – Volunteering for Kids Now Canada